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Identity Personality Test – New Reports

Identity is a self-perception personality
questionnaire that measures important individual differences
between how people prefer to behave in a workplace setting.
It was developed specifically for the world of work
and is supported by robust research proving its effectiveness
for use in many areas of business and personal development.
The questionnaire is available in English, simplified
Chinese and traditional Chinese

Developed to be the most comprehensive personality assessment
tool, Identity measures 36 Primary Scales – which
are specific areas of personality related to the world
of work. It is fully validated for making sensitive
selection decisions and found through scientific
research to be more predictive of leadership performance
than even ability tests or interviews

Identity Cover

Sample Cover Page

The PsyAsia logo can be replaced with your corporate
logo if you have your own Identity System. Also note
the PTC logo that confirms Identity is a quality
test registered with the British Psychological Society
Psychological Testing Centre

Narrative Report

Narrative Report

This report is written in second or third person depending
on whether you are using it as a feedback report for
the candidate or for the decision-maker. Text-based
narrative reports are the only type of report available
to untrained users. All other reports/graphics require
a certification.

Response Style Summary

Quick Look Page

This gives an indication as to the accuracy of the candidate’s
responses and shows you where you need to focus for
additional probing in an interview. For this fake candidate,
the report tells us we need to probe on every competency!
For other candidates you may see “Strong”
and/or “OK” in place of “Further Probing”.

Profile Chart

Profile Chart

This is the first page of a 2-page chart which provides
the candidate’s score for each scale in Identity. Labels
and descriptions on either side assist in accurate interpretation
of each scale score.

Pre-Interview Report

Pre-Interview Report

This is a sample page from Identity’s Pre-Interview
Report. Personality test reports should be followed
up with a good behavioral interview. This report assists
in this process by providing example questions to ask
the candidate based on their profile.

Alternative Assessment to the MBTI for Assessing Jungian Type
Learning Styles Assessment

Derived scales

Assess aspects of the person such as Jungian Type, Learning
Styles, EQ, Team Roles, Leadership Style and so on.
All of these charts come at no additional cost.

The above are just a few examples of
pages from Identity reports. Identity offers a number
of different reports: Pre-Interview, Comprehensive,
Career Focus and Candidate Feedback. Unlike other psychometric
personality tests, clients only pay once for the candidate
rather than for each report generated.

To download full sample reports, please click here

 (note, trained users have access to all of these reports
for a candidate for a single fee!)
 Training and Accreditation
If you already hold BPS Level B or a certification
in a substantive personality assessment, you may use
Identity by simply purchasing and reading the manual.
For those who require training, we are pleased to offer
a “new report release” special 15%
discount on our 26-27 October training in Singapore
and 29-30 November training in Hong Kong if you register
by 5 October. This discount increases to 20%
if you send 2 or more people. Use discount
codes IDMAIL15 and IDMAIL20 for the 15% and 20% discounts
respectively when registering
. For clients who are not interested in training
we can offer our psychologist-on-call
or a very limited text-only report.

Free Online Psychometric Testing System

All qualified users of Identity get a FREE online system
– so, you can set up test sessions and produce reports
whenever you want – even at night and on weekends!

Identity Pricing

If you would like a copy of our fees list,please email us.

View our multimedia Identity Sales Presentation

View our multimedia Identity Sales Presentation

Click here to view all current public training course dates

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