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Online Personality Assessment with Feedback from a Psychologist – Special Offer

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Planning to hire Executives, Managers or Customer Service/Sales Staff in your organisation?

PsyAsia International will administer a highly valid and reliable personality test known as the Apollo Profile to your candidates and once they have completed the questionnaire, we will produce and send you a Narrative Report (comparing each of your candidates to those rated as excellent in a particular job role) along with a Job Profiler Report (comparing your candidates with each other). One of our organisational psychologists will then contact you to take you through those psychometric test reports, thus ensuring complete understanding and a higher return on investment.

If you would like to benefit from this splendid offer, please feel free to send us the complete names and email addresses of your candidates so that we can then send them the email invites to complete the Apollo Profile Questionnaire.

  • Fee for Narrative & Job Profiler Reports & a 20 minutes feedback session from a psychologist: US$280 only (for up to 5 candidates).
  • This special promotion is valid until April 1, 2014

Apollo Personality Profile Psychometric Test Module 1 Training – just US$10

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Exclusively developed by PsyAsia International’s Psychometric Psychologists, Apollo Personality Profile Module 1 Training takes just a little over one hour to complete. It is available online and successful completion qualifies clients to utilise special narrative reports from the Apollo Profile Psychometric Assessment. For the next 7 days we are pleased to offer this online psychometric training for just US$10. To enjoy this offer, please email our psychometric testing team and we will issue you with a payment link. Upon receipt of your payment we will issue you your log-in details – the online training will be open for you for one month. Offer ends 10 September 2013.

Register for our HRM Course in Singapore and get 20% off our Psychometric Assessment BPS Level 1 & 2 Training in Singapore

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Simply go to and sign up for our Human Resource Management Course in Singapore which is confirmed to go ahead on 7 to 10 October 2013 at the Conrad Hotel.

On page 4 of the registration form, you will be offered a special deal to add the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course (BPS Level 1 & 2 training)  which is confirmed to run 25-27 September and 30 September – 2 October.

Please note that at the current time both courses have very limited places remaining and so this offer will expire as soon as all places are booked or 7 days from today (3 September) – whichever is sooner.

Saville Consulting Wave Personality Assessment Accreditation Singapore & Hong Kong: Up to 20% Discount for 14 Days Only!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Saville Consulting Wave Training

As an international partner of Saville Consulting, PsyAsia International is pleased to offer a special discount on our Saville Consulting Wave Accreditation Training Courses in Singapore and Hong Kong this October.  The discount is available for the next 2 weeks (expires on 20 August). We are offering a discount of 10% on single registrations and 20% when registering 2 or more people at the same time. To avail the discount, simply book your course place online and enter our promo code DEALWAVE10 if registering 1 person or DEALWAVE20 if registering 2 or more at the same time. Your pdf invoice will be emailed to you automatically. Please ensure your invoice is paid within 14 days to retain the discount.

Course Dates:

Singapore: 3-4 October 2013

Hong Kong: 10-11 October 2013

Note: Those with a substantive qualification in personality assessment need only attend Day 1 of the course. Please contact us before registration to find out if you qualify.

Course Links:

Full 2-Day Course

1-Day Conversion Course

Register Now


Saville Consulting Wave

Download the new Wave Brochure


Alternative Offer:

Register for PsyAsia’s Psychometric Assessment at Work Course leading to British Psychological Society Level 1 & 2 RQTU this September/October and register for Saville Wave Training at the same time to get a 50% discount on the Wave training! No promo code required, simply check the box on the final page of the registration process for the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course.


Identity Psychometric Personality Assessment Accreditation Course – Save 35% – 7 Days Only!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

For 7 days only, PsyAsia International is delighted to announce that we are offering a 35% discount for anybody who registers for the Identity Self-Perception Questionnaire Accreditation Course.

Identity is one of the most modern, reliable and valid psychometric assessments being used in Asia. It was developed by Chartered Psychologists who also develop tests for the worlds largest psychometric testing company!

The training courses for this personality assessment run on the following dates:

Singapore:  2-3 October 2013

Hong Kong: 8-9 October 2013

To enjoy the discount, simply:

  • Register within the next 7 days.
  • Enter promo code DEAL30 on page 3 of the online booking form
  • Ensure payment within 14 days of registration.

Then look forward to 2 days of professional training from a psychologist-facilitator, after which you can order and use Identity. You will get your own free Identity system upon your first purchase of 10 or more credits. Credits are very reasonably priced and we offer discounts for higher credit purchases. Please contact us to discuss credit pricing.

Special Price Package Deal Psychologist-on-Call Psychometric Test with Interview Service

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

PsyAsia International is delighted to offer a special price package for clients who have not used our psychologist-on-call service before.

This service includes:

  • Online Psychometric Assessments (personality assessment & aptitude test)
  • Behaviour-based Interview with job candidate (via online meeting of 40 mins.)
  • Reports and feedback session to decision-maker (via online meeting of 40 mins.)

All interviews and feedback sessions are by Registered Business Psychologists.

For the next 7 days this service is on offer to new clients for an all inclusive fee of  just SG$595 / HK$3688.

Simply contact us within the next 7 days to get started.

Service remains available but returns to regular full fee after 7 days (regular fee varies depending on exact requirements, but is at least double the above fees).
Valid only for those who have not used this service before.
Offer valid worldwide.

Deal of the week: 20% Off Saville Consulting Wave Training in Hong Kong when Registering 2 or more

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Valid from 9 to 16 July 2013.

Simply register at

Enter discount code DEAL20 on page 3 of the registration form for both registrations.

That’s it, you saved 20%!

Hurry, the deal is on offer until 16 July only or until places sell out.

For full details about the Saville Consulting Wave Personality Assessment – the only psychometric personality assessment tool to assess and show alignment of talent AND motives, view the course webpage here.

Psychometric Assessment Asia

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Psychometric Tests which have been well designed and have proven reliability and validity are excellent tools for companies globally.

Psychometric Assessment in Asia has been growing at a steady rate for many years.

Psychometric Tests include aptitude tests and personality assessments. They are used in recruitment and selection, as well as for leadership development and executive development, careers advice and team building.

There are many sellers of psychometric tests online and there is much variance in the quality both of the tests that they offer, and in the support or consultancy services they provide. The psychometric assessment market in Asia is not currently regulated and so many of those who sell tests do so with a very basic understanding of the principles behind the tests.

PsyAsia International is a premier provider of psychometric tests with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong and clients all over Asia. We established in 2002 with a mission to make psychometric testing in Asia better, by offering the best aptitude and personality tests and supporting the sale of psychometric tools with world-class consultancy from competent, experienced and registered organizational psychologists.

If you are considering psychometric tests in your organization, please consider talking to PsyAsia International.

Online Psychometric Test for Sales Recruiting – Online Personality Assessment Webinar

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
Apollowebintro-1.mp4 Watch on Posterous

Come along to our online psychometric test webinar to learn about how to improve your hiring success rates when selecting sales people. Dr. Graham Tyler, an expert in psychometrics and based in Asia, will introduce an online personality assessment that is different from all other tests on the market. This tool is different because it does not compare your respondent to the average; instead it compares them to excellence. 

In addition to the learning involved at this webinar we have an added benefit for those who attend. We have a very special offer that will be hard for you to refuse. Do come along and find out more!  

This webinar and the special offer for those who attend the webinar will be available for a limited time only. Now is the time to benefit!!

The webinar will last appproximately 40 minutes and has multiple time slots available. You may register at

More psychometric tests of aptitude and personality at

VIDEO: How to use the Apollo Profile Psychometric Personality Test Online System with the Job Profiler Module

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

The Apollo Profile is an online psychometric test that assesses personality for the workplace. Apollo is different to ALL other personality assessments because it compares your candidate’s personality to those rated as excellent performers in various occupational groups. This short video shows how to use the online testing system to compare your multiple candidates with one of those occupational groups by using Apollo’s value-added online Job Profiler Module.


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