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PsyAsia International Research Published Work

The following is a list of PsyAsia research and published work. Please note that due to copyright restrictions, links to some of the articles cannot be provided.

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PsyAsia International Pte. Ltd. (2007). Friendliness Test. National Day Supplement: Thursday 9th August 2007. Singapore: Straits Times.

Tyler, G. (1999)*. Personality, general well-being and post-traumatic stress disorder in the ambulance service. The Occupational Psychologist, Number 37. Leicester, UK: The British Psychological Society.

Tyler, G. and Leather, P. (1999)*. Personality, general well-being and post-traumatic stress disorder in the ambulance service. Ambulance UK, Volume 14, Number 2. Crayford, UK: Media Publishing Company.

*Awarded British Psychological Society Prize for Scientific Contribution to Occupational Psychology

Tyler, G. (1999). Reliability and Validity of Psychometric Testing. Management Today: Friday 17th December 1999. Dubai: Gulf News.

Khan, S. and Tyler. G. (2000). Researchers in Dubai confirm the importance of a formal HR policy. The Occupational Psychologist, 39, 27-32. Leicester, UK: The British Psychological Society.

Tyler, G. (2003). A Review of the 15FQ+ Personality Questionnaire. Selection and Development Review, 19(2), 7-11. Leicester, UK: The British Psychological Society.

Tyler, G. (2004). ‘Big 5 test may not fit HK’. Monday 15th March 2004. Hong Kong: The Standard.

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Tyler, G. (2006). Testing times in Asia. Human Capital Plus. August/September 2006. Singapore: Singapore Human Resources Institute.

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Tyler, G. (2009). Putting Psychometric Tests Under Scrutiny. Singapore: Human Resources Magazine. November 2009, p35.

Tyler, G. and Newcombe, P. (2009). White Paper. Personality correlates of work performance in a Chinese/Singaporean sample.

Tyler, G., Barrett, P, and Newcombe, P. (submitted 2010) The structure of personality in China, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Tyler, G. (2011). Getting Psychometrics Right. Hong Kong: HR Guide to Recruitment. pp122-125.

Tyler, G. (2011). Getting Psychometrics Right. Hong Kong: HR Magazine. Summer 2011. pp26-27.


Articles that our rearch has been quoted in

A technical summary of a major UK ambulance crew study conducted by Tyler (1998) is detailed in the section entitled “Criterion-Related Validity in the UK” (pp.36-38) in the following publication:

Hogan, R. and Hogan, J. (1999). Hogan Development Survey Manual, UK Edition. Adaptation by Hyde, G., Trickey, G. and Greig, E. Tunbridge Wells, UK: Psychological Consultancy Limited.

Li, A. (2006). ‘Recruitment tool that plays fair and cool’. Saturday 18th August 2006. Hong Kong: South China Morning Post.

Onrec (2010). ‘Psychometrics: affordable for everyone”. Issue 1, February. London: Onrec (Global Recruitment Magazine).

Straits Times (2010). ‘NUS Team: Good boss needs more than testosterone.’ Singapore: Straits Times. 7 April 2010.

Books that our resarch has been quoted in

Furnam, A. (2008). Personality and Intelligence at Work. New York: Psychology Press.

Huang, X. & Bond, M. (2012). Handbook of Chinese Organizational Behavior: Integrating Theory, Research and Practice. Northampton: Edward Elgar Pub.

Landy, F.J. & Conte, J.M. (2012). Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New Jersey: Wiley.

Tsui, A. (Ed.) 2009. Professional Practices of Human Resource Management in Hong Kong: Linking HRM to Organizational Success. Hong Kong University Press.

Wosnitza M., Karabenick S. A., Efklides A.,Nenniger P. (2009). Contemporary Motivation Research: From Global to Local Perspectives. Cambridge, MA: Hogrefe.


Conference Presentations

Tyler, G., Newcombe, P., Barrett, P., & Paltiel, L. (2005). The Chinese challenge to the Big-5. British Psychological Society Test User’s Conference (24th May).

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