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Best Practice Human Resources HR Audit Consultancy

Our HR Audit reviews current Human Resources procedures, policies and tools in your organisation and enhances them by aligning them with scientific, evidence-based advice and solutions.

Human Resources Procedures HR Audit by Registered Psychologists

Scientific research supports that when HR processes are carried out in particular, systematic and objective ways, there is an immense positive benefit to each individual employee, and this has an impact on the team and of course, the organization as a whole. Oftentimes, HR, line managers and those who are responsible for designing processes that impact employees are unaware of best practice and research into the reliability and validity of various practices and processes.  This is where PsyAsia International’s HR Audit Consultancy Service comes in.

For the HR Audit, our Registered Business Psychologists will visit your organization (full audit) or review your documentation and speak with representative employees and management via numerous online meetings (remote audit).

The HR Audit will review some or all of following:

  • job application forms
  • competency frameworks
  • job descriptions
  • person specifications
  • interview questions and scoring sheets
  • interview policies
  • psychometric tests being used
  • psychometric testing policies
  • other assessment methodologies and policies
  • performance appraisal policies and procedures
  • training and development procedures
  • job design
  • reporting relationships
  • motivation, culture, engagement and energy

Some of our clients ask us to review only one aspect of the above, whilst other clients prefer comprehensive reviews.


What we do not cover in the HR audit

In short, we do not cover aspects of the workplace relating to employment law. Our consultants are Business Psychologists who specialize in the science of people and organizational performance, they are not lawyers and so it would not be appropriate to add employment law to the audit.


Final Deliverables of the HR Audit

At the conclusion of the HR audit, PsyAsia International’s Psychologist(s) will write-up a report with easy to understand recommendations for making each process audited more scientific, reliable and valid and conform to global best practice. Where the client is already doing everything that is required, this will be stated. We will also arrange either an in-person presentation or an online meeting where we will present the report and answer any questions posed by HR, Management or the Board.


Engage our HR Audit Consultancy

Every client who is interested in our HR Audit Consultancy has different requirements. Rather than listing the many possibilities here, we’d like to talk to you. Kindly contact us for further details about this aspect of our HR Consulting portfolio.

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Traditional or Online HR Consulting

Our Best Practice HR Audit Consultancy is available in both full-service traditional and, discounted, online modes of consultation. Please view details of these options on our main Human Resource Consultancy page.

Engage our Best Practice HR Audit Consultancy

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