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Fee for the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course

PsyAsia International’s fee for the BPS Level 1 & 2 Certificate Training offers excellent value for money!

Of course, the fee you pay is not cheap and that’s because this is not a quick one-day course!  This is a 5 day training course or an in-depth, online course requiring modern technology and extensive marking of a portfolio of work it takes half a day per person for our psychologist to properly mark work!). This leads to a fully recognised international certificate in psychometric testing in the workplace!

This course is actually around 15% cheaper in Asia than similar standard of courses in the UK.  If you fly from Asia to the UK you need to pay for your flight and your accommodation, and even then you are unlikely to receive training from a Dr of Psychology with PhD specialisation in psychometrics in Asia! Not to mention that the UK value added tax is currently 20% and must be paid on top of both course fee and hotel fee!  In fact, we sometimes have UK delegates come on our courses in Asia because it works out the same price-wise for them to fly out to us and benefit from a trip to Singapore or Hong Kong.  Here are some other explanations regarding the fees for our course:

1. PsyAsia needs to pay the test publisher in the UK for the use of tests and materials.

2. We use materials which are shipped from the UK and thus there is a courier fee to pay for this.

3. Our psychologists must mark and grade all delegate work very thoroughly (taking half a day per person).

4. The course is taught by an award-winning, published, Doctor of Psychology & who specialised in Psychometric Assessment and Asian Personality and Performance for his PhD and who has two Masters degrees, one in Occupational Psychology and another in Clinical Neuropsychology.

5. We use only high quality training venues that facilitate the best of learning and leave delegates with nothing to worry about!

6. We provide all Level 2: Personality delegates with materials that are worth in excess of US$800 at retail!

7. We offer an array of additional offers and support materials.

To sum it up with the thoughts of our delegates:

“It’s worth the money you pay for. It’s very useful.”

Sam B Roberts
Regional HR Manager
The I.S Dept. Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

“A high standard of training yet value for money.”

Pang Peow Yeong
MINDEF (Singapore)