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Importance of Employee Induction in Organisations

It is critical for organizations to provide the correct induction for any new employee as that will be beneficial to them and the organization. The induction lays the foundation of the relationship between the employees and the employer, this allows organizations to get the most out of the employees as quickly as possible and influences the long term success of the organization.

It is important that all new employees receive induction training at the commencement of their employment and that they are provided with all the equipment and information necessary to carry out their jobs effectively. This can be provided in a myriad of ways such as training or mentoring. Depending on the nature of the induction, an induction may last for weeks or even months. During this time, the employee gains valuable information regarding the organization and how well they will expect to integrate in it.

A number of organizations do not provide induction training and employees are left to pick up the information necessary to carry out their jobs effectively on their own or through existing employees. This is a mistake on the organization’s part as it drains time and money. An induction would allow organizations to integrate the new employees within the organization quicker so that they would be able to reach their full potential as soon as possible.