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May I see some sample questions to help me decide if a psychometric test is usef…

PsyAsia International does not supply sample questions.

This is because making a decision about whether or not to use a test on the basis of its questions lacks the scientific rigor that we aspire to in psychometric assessment.

Whilst it may provide you with some evidence of the lowest form of validity (face validity), the decision you make is subjective.

Furthermore, it does not inform you as to whether the concepts that the test claims to assess are indeed reliably assessed by the test (reliability and construct validity).

Also, looking at sample questions does not provide you with evidence to suggest a test may predict a criterion at work, such as performance (criterion-related validity).

For these reasons, sample questions are not provided by PsyAsia (or most reputable test providers), but we are happy to refer clients to our test manuals so that you may consult them for details about reliability and validity.  We will also be happy to answer any technical questions that you may have.  Furthermore, for qualified leads, we will provide you with a free trial of the test you are interested in using (HR decision-makers only).