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What time is the next PsyAsia Lounge Drop-in Session in my Time Zone?

Local Times #

The above calendar should show the next Lounge session time in YOUR LOCAL TIMEZONE based on your current device settings. Please click on the PLUS button (above) to add this to your own calendar so that the Lounge times synchronise with your calendar and you don’t need to check here in future.

Kindly note that we do not respond to emails asking us about Lounge local times because this information is published in many places. In addition to the above, you may also use the following resources to find the next Lounge time in your local timings.

Email Invites #

In any email invite we send about lounge drop-in sessions, a link to your local timings is always included as in this example:

Likewise, in all email invites, we include a link to the Lounge. This link will take you to the Lounge log-in page which always displays the next drop-in time in your local time zone based on your device settings:

Online Learning Centre #

At the top of the Online Learning Centre when we promote the next session (typically for upcoming student presentations). Simply click on the underlined date:

At the top right side of any main course page in the Online Learning Centre. The timing will be in your own time zone provided you updated your profile with your location as suggested in your welcome email when you first enrolled:

There is also a link below this area to the Google calendar mentioned above where you can synchronise timings and never have to worry about this again because all dates/times will show in your own calendar in your local time zone.


Finally, for PsyGOLD members, the next Lounge session is always shown on your MEMBER PAGE in the time zone taken from your device settings:

Confirm attendance #

Please remember that you need to confirm your attendance at least 3 hours prior to any drop-in session. In the event that nobody has done so by this time, the session will not run and all timings will update to the next scheduled session. Use the link at the OLC/PsyGold member area or in the email we sent you where relevant. You must confirm via the system and not by email reply. Thereafter, please ensure that you attend on time. If there is nobody else in the Lounge and you are not there on time, Dr Tyler will not wait!

Can I attend a session if I don’t confirm my attendance? #

Yes, however we cannot guarantee that Dr Tyler will be there and also, his planned timing will be less as a result. By confirming your attendance at least 3 hours in advance, (a) Dr Tyler will ensure he also attends (b) Dr Tyler will set aside 15 mins per confirmed attendee and one hour for 4 or more. If you don’t confirm attendance, you are very welcome to attend on the off-chance that the session still went ahead as a result of others confirming their attendance. Likewise, if let’s say 2 people had confirmed, Dr Tyler would plan to stay for 30 minutes. So, if you arrive 30 minutes into the session, it may already be over.

Lounge available 24/7 #

Please keep in mind that the Lounge is available for our students and PsyGOLD members 24/7 for their learning. The timings noted above relate to Lounge drop-in sessions when formal activity such as Q&As, tutorial support and student presentations are taking place at a specific time.