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Why the need for the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course?

Psychometric Tests are useful tools in today’s workplace. Not only do they provide a scientific basis for selection and development of employees, they also save incredible time and cost given their ability to assess candidates rapidly and objectively. However, these benefits disappear if the tools are not used properly. It’s important for all users of a test to understand the basic principles of psychometric assessment generally, in addition to how the test works, how to interpret it, report and make decisions based upon the test. Incompetent use of tests not only wastes the money of the buying organisation, but can also result in motivational problems in your current employees, a lack of goodwill in selection scenarios and thus a tarnished image for your company, and in some parts of the world, incompetent use of tests is illegal!  Attending our course will ensure that you do not fall foul of any of the above and will provide you with confidence in choosing and using the right tests.

Note if you are put off by the length of the course or its intensive nature, we also offer shorter training courses as well as online courses for psychometric tests.  Please contact us for more details.