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Will I be qualified in Psychometrics if I complete the Psychometrics for HR Decisions Course?

Unfortunately not! There are different levels of qualification in psychometrics, ranging from very basic knowledge of one or two tests, to more complex certifications such as the BPS Level 1 & 2, right up to University degrees for Psychometricians!

The Psychometrics for HR Decisions course has been established as a basic first-level course for Human Resource and related professionals who wish to use psychometric tests (ability tests, aptitude tests, personality assessments) quite soon but don’t wish, or don’t have time to undertake a more in-depth certification course. Kindly keep in mind the limitations of having a basic understanding of the tools you are using. Nonetheless, this training is far better than no training or a quick one-hour demo of a system, which is what many test users are getting.