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Psychometric Testing System: The Psychometric Portal®

An Online Psychometric Testing System offering job analysis, personality assessments, aptitude tests, 360 performance appraisal and culture & engagement testing.

A Modern Online Psychometric Testing Solution

The Psychometric Portal® is an innovative Online Psychometric Testing System for job analysis, recruitment, selection, development, performance assessment and culture and engagement surveying. This Online Psychometric Testing System enables remote or supervised administration of Aptitude Tests, Personality Assessment, Job Analysis, 360° Performance Appraisal and a Culture and Engagement Survey. As with all PsyAsia International products, the Psychometric Portal® is supported by Registered Business Psychologists in Hong Kong and partners across Asia.

Psychometric Portal

Your Psychometric Testing System

Whether you are an existing user or new to psychometric assessment, you will find the relevance and quality of our online psychometric testing system hard to beat. The Psychometric Portal® is customizable – allowing you, at no additional cost, to theme the interface with your organization’s logo and color scheme, integrating The Psychometric Portal® with your own brand.

Psychometric Tests in the Psychometric Portal®

Aptitude Test Psychometric Testing System

The Psychometric Portal Online Psychometric Testing System comes with 4 different aptitude tests which are applicable to different levels in the organization.

Personality Assessment Online Psychometric Testing System

The Quest Profiler® is a British Psychological Society Registered Personality Assessment with both Ipsative and Normative versions and a complete range of visually striking and practically useful reports.

360 Performance Appraisal Online Psychometric Testing System

The threesixty° assessment allows for flexible online performance appraisal via our Psychometric Testing System.

Online Job Analysis - Psychometric Testing System

The Job Analysis feature within the Psychometric Portal allows recruitment team members and line managers to analyze the job in terms of the required personality traits, behaviors and competencies prior to candidate testing. This is paired with the Job Match feature to Match tested candidates with the ideal profile for the role derived from the Job Analysis.

Job Match Psychometric Testing System

Job Match enables candidates assessed with the Quest Profiler® Personality Assessment to be compared instantly to a previously developed ideal profile for the job.

Culture and Engagement Survey Online - Psychometric Test System

Culture & Engagement is an Online Survey within the Psychometric Portal® which enables organizations to assess their current culture and level of employee engagement.


Why the Psychometric Portal®?

Rich Psychometric Reports – Competitively Priced
Reports from the Psychometric Portal are not only beautifully presented, highly reliable and valid, but are also competitively priced. This assures clients of a superb return on their investment.

Cutting-edge Online Psychometric Assessments
The Psychometric Portal® comprises cutting-edge psychometric tests and technology in an intuitive, easy to use online system.

Access to your data
We have experience of working with test publishers who believe they have the right to limit what data clients can access. Having moved away from such publishers, we have ensured that with the Psychometric Portal®, our clients have access to their own data.

Supervised, Controlled & Open Modes of Test Administration
The Psychometric Portal® enables multiple modes of psychometric test administration. These each come with their own pros and cons and so being able to choose the most suitable is a great selling point for the Portal!

Psychometrics from Registered Psychologists
The Psychometric Portal® was developed by Chartered Psychologists. In addition, our clients are always supported by PsyAsia’s locally-based and internationally Registered Business Psychologists in Hong Kong and Singapore. We stand apart from our competitors who often lack any in-depth training in psychology or psychometrics and who may know very little about the difference between good and poor psychometric tests.

Phenomenal Support from an award-winner!
PsyAsia International offers Online Live Chat Support as well as an industry shaking 3-hour (maximum) email response policy!

Psychometric Portal® Sales Presentation

Sample Reports, Training Requirements & Next Steps

Kindly note that to use the aptitude and personality assessments within The Psychometric Portal®, clients will need to either be already certified in substantive similar tools, or otherwise, they are welcome to attend one of our Psychometric Training Courses in Asia or enrol in our Online Psychometric Test Training Courses.

If you don’t have a certification to demonstrate competence in the use of personality tests for work decisions, you may opt for the Quest Profiler® Bureau Service (limited text-only reports), or our Psychologist-on-Call™ service for psychologist-supported assessment and full reporting.