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Introduction to Psychometric Testing Training Workshop

Our Introduction to Psychometric Testing Training Workshop is a practical workshop on psychometric testing at work covering the basics of using psychometrics for workplace decisions. Training is, as always, from Registered Psychologists.
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Introduction to Psychometric Testing Training Workshop

This experiential psychometric training workshop has been specially designed by PsyAsia International’s experienced business psychologists to cover the basics of psychometric testing in one day or via 2 half-days of online learning. The Introduction to Psychometric Tests Workshop aims to answer many of the questions that those new to psychometric tests have in an accessible and economical way. We offer this course at a very substantial discount compared to our other psychometric training courses in order to make it as accessible as possible to anybody who is considering the use of psychometric tools, or for those who are already using them but want to know more about the issues surrounding psychometric testing in the workplace.

Kindly note that attendance at this workshop does not qualify delegates to use psychometric tests. Please see our Psychometric Training and Accreditation page for details of such qualification courses.

Introduction to Psychometric Testing Training Workshop Length & Language

Workshop Length
  • 1 day in-person or 2 half-days of online training
Workshop Language
  • English

Introduction to Psychometric Testing Training Workshop Objectives

Our objectives are to enable delegates on our Introduction to Psychometric Testing course to:

  • Have an understanding about the need for good practice in the use of psychometric tests.
  • Have a basic understanding of reliability in psychometric tests.
  • Have a basic understanding of validity in psychometric tests.
  • Have a basic understanding about error in the psychometric testing process.
  • Consider important issues in choosing the right test, publisher or distributor.
  • See a range of psychometric tests and understand how they are used.
  • Have a number of questions ready to ask of any test publisher.
  • Have a basic understanding as to how test publishers should respond to questions asked.
  • Understand why competent training is essential if psychometric tests are to be used properly.
  • Discuss their own specific issues/questions with an expert organisational psychologist.

Introduction to Psychometric Testing Training Workshop Syllabus

  • The history of psychometric testing.
  • Comparison of psychometric tests with other modes of employee testing and assessment.
  • The benefits of using psychometric tests in recruitment/selection, development and coaching.
  • What can go wrong with Psychometrics – Especially when using poorly designed tests or purchasing from vendors without a strong background in psychology or psychometrics.
  • What test users need to do before even considering any psychometric test – most people in Asia never do this!!!
  • Basic reliability in psychometric testing and how to assess it.
  • Basic validity in psychometric testing and how to assess it.
  • Error in psychometric testing – how to assess it and what it means practically in selection and development.
  • How to review different aptitude, personality and values tests on the market.
  • Questions to ask your test publisher or distributor.
  • How to know if your test salesperson really knows their subject!
  • What next?

During the workshop, delegates will create quasi-psychometric tests in groups to enable a hands-on exploration of issues such as reliability, error and validity in psychometric tests. The above topics will be explored by way of interactive case studies.

Participant Profile

The Introduction to Psychometric Tests course is for those who do not have a qualification or background in psychometric tests and who are interested in learning more but without some of the complexities that may apply to higher level training in psychometrics.

The course does not qualify participants in psychometric testing. Instead it provides an overview of the field in an easy to understand and practical way. Participants will be made aware of what to look for in psychometric tests on the market and what questions to ask distributors and publishers, they will have exposure to a range of tests and have an understanding of how psychometric tests are developed and used. Delegates will also be made aware of the pitfalls in psychometrics and the practices of less reputable providers of psychometric tests.

Psychologist Facilitator

The Introduction to Psychometric Tests Course is always facilitated by registered organisational psychologists. We don’t believe in having non-psychologists facilitate training about psychological assessments. Our psychologists have at least an MSc level of education specifically in organisational psychology (most have doctoral level qualifications) in addition to the British Psychological Society’s Level 1 and 2 RQTU Certifications. You can be certain that you are getting relevant, competent and trustworthy training and advice from people who not only know their field but are passionate about it.

Dates, Teaching Methods & Course Registration

Fees & Registration

  • Fees for in-person public courses and supported mode online courses can be found at our events page.
  • For in-house course fees, please contact us.


  • Courses at Client’s Venue
  • Public Courses in Singapore
  • Public Courses in Hong Kong
  • Online Private & Public


  • Mainly experiential learning.
  • Presentations by experienced psychologist.
  • Case Studies to facilitate learning and practice.
  • Quizzes.
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