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Are there any examinations for the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course?

The Psychometric Assessment at Work Course provides training leading to the fulfillment of requirements for the British Psychological Society RQTU at both Level 1 (Assistant Test User) and Level 2 (Ability & Personality Test User). The course assessment is competency-based. During the course, candidates are given various assignments and a workbook that are assessed by the tutors. Passing these to the required standard leads to successful completion of the course. There is therefore no exam. Our doctoral-level facilitator is highly experienced and will do everything he can to help you through the course provided you too are committed. PsyAsia offers additional resources outside of the classroom to help you learn. This includes an online learning center with review quizzes for all, and online forums and webinars/real-time videos for our Online Supported Intake Students.

Note – many BPS Level 1 and 2 course providers have worked an exam into their training. We find that most of our Asian delegates prefer coursework assessment rather than assessment by exam. Do check this point if you are considering other providers.