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Is this course an in-person course that was thrown online as a result of COVID-19?

Absolutely not 🙂

Our psychologists have many years of experience of designing, piloting and facilitating online training, dating back to 2002 with some basic courses, and then from 2008 with more advanced and longer courses. We have tried and tested many online training tools and benefitted from feedback of our trainees.

The Psychometrics for Human Resource Decisions Course was specifically designed to be an online course. Our clients around the world have asked for online training in psychometric testing which is delivered by a psychologist, facilitated (rather than passive learning), done in a short amount of time and accessible in terms of both objectives and price. Whilst we may offer lower fees for this course during the COVID-19 challenge to support our valued clients, the course was not developed as an in-person course and then transferred online as a result of COVID 🙂