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Is there a checklist available for things I should cover in psychometric test administration?

Yes, during the test administration process, there are a few things which you should consider:

-Firstly it is necessary to create some rapport with the candidate. Develop a good rapport by asking the candidate about “how they are doing?” or “if they found the location of the testing room alright?”.  This makes the candidate feel more at ease and reduces their anxiety level.

-Explain to the respondent your role in the process (introduce yourself).

-Introduce the candidate to the testing session by outlining the procedure (either for selection or development).

-Provide information as to what the session will entail and what to expect.

-Explain to the candidate why testing is being done and how the test results will be used.

-Provide a brief description of the tests.

-State the length of time for the testing session. 

-Ensure your candidate that all the information will remain confidential.

-Provide candidates with information regarding any future interactions after the testing session (e.g. feedback session).

-Go over any house rules such as the fire procedure, where the toilets are, to switch of mobile phones and other factors which you consider relevant.

-Invite any questions or queries candidates might have. This allows the candidate to be more relaxed as they know what to expect, they are more comfortable during the session.

Other things which you should consider involve ensuring that you avoid using any technical terms which might confuse the candidate. Ensure that the room layout is appropriate for testing, and make sure there are sufficient materials.   

For more information regarding the specific information needed in order to become a good test administrator, please consider our online or in-person psychometric test administration course. You will be able to practice some of the skills needed in order to prepare, introduce and conclude an entire session.