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World Class Psychometric Tests supported by Expert, Registered Business Psychologists

PsyAsia International offers reliable and valid world class psychometric tests.  Unlike many of our competitors, we were founded by and are managed by Registered Business Psychologists who are experts in psychology, business and personality at work and who have undergone years of training in the field. Our psychologists must continue to undergo Continuous Professional Development in order to remain as Registered Psychologists – they are answerable to professional and government regulatory bodies.

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Apollo Personality Test Online Psychometric Testing Systems

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Identity Self-Perception Questionnaire Personality Assessment Online Psychometric Testing Systems

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To register for one of the Online Psychometric Testing Systems above, you must be suitably qualified in the psychometric test that you are interested in. Please see our training pages for information about our accreditation workshops.

If you think you are already qualified, please contact us with details of your training and experience and attach a scanned copy of certification in psychometric assessment.

If you are not qualified in psychometric assessment and do not wish to attend training, our psychologists can handle the entire testing and feedback process for you wherever you are in the world. Please see our psychologist-on-call™ service for further information.

Online Psychometrics Training

BPS Level 1 & 2 Psychometrics Course Online

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If there is no public course currently scheduled at your location, and you have at least 4 potential participants, please get in touch. We may be able to work with you to guarantee to run a public course with your guaranteed participants.

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