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PsyAsia Neuropsychology Training

Interested in Neuropsychology Training? PsyAsia Neuropsychology is currently developing an Online Neuropsychology Training site.
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PsyAsia Neuropsychology is currently developing a site offering training in Neuropsychology for different interest groups, ranging from general interest, to patients, doctors, allied health and care-givers. We will be offering training in various aspects of Neuropsychology, ranging from “Understanding Neuropsychological Assessment” both for patients and allied health, to short courses on what can go wrong neurocognitively, where in the brain issues occur and how to either rehabilitate or compensate for such deficits. To stay informed about this exciting development, please subscribe to our mailing list below. You’re unlikely to hear from us for quite some time as there is a lot of work to do, but we will get in touch when we have something meaningful to say!

If you are looking for Online Neuropsychological Assessment Screening, please visit our Clinical Neuropsychology website. We offer screening for neurocognitive issues such as following stroke or TBI, assessment of recovery from acquired brain damage, memory concerns (especially those related to aging, mild cognitive impairment and dementia), return to work neurocognitive assessments and rehabilitation recommendations. Our Online Neurological Assessments can be conducted in multiple languages; however, reports and clinical interview are currently offered mainly in English. For certain special conditions, we may be able to offer these in Mandarin or Cantonese.