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Psychometric Bureau Service

Use our professional Psychometric Bureau Service to take care of remote administration and post-admin reporting for your online psychometric assessments.

PsyAsia International Psychometric Bureau Service

This professional online service is for clients who do not have their own Psychometric Testing Systems for administering, scoring and producing reports for aptitude and personality tests. PsyAsia International has 2 main options under this service, and clients will opt for the option that relates to their current credentials in psychometric testing.

Psychologist Supervised Psychometric Bureau Service

This service has been developed to bridge the gap between those clients who do not wish to use our full Psychologist-on-Call™ assessment and consulting service and who are not appropriately qualified to use tests independently.

We do strongly advise that clients undergo training in psychometric testing to assist in a full understanding of psychometrics and to have access to more thorough reports. However, where this is not immediately possible, our Psychologist Supervised Bureau Service is the answer:

Psychometric Bureau Service


  • Clients simply need to provide us with detailed information about the job they are hiring for (including competencies required) and then we will recommend the most suitable assessments and quote the related fee.
  • Upon client approval, we will send email invitations for candidates to complete the psychometric assessments online.
  • Once completed, we will send limited, text-only reports to clients.
  • Sending text-only reports (i.e., without numbers and graphics) is significantly less likely to lead to any error in interpretation given that the test results have already been pre-interpreted by psychologists in the text.
  • Kindly note that the fee quoted for this service only includes the points noted above. Clients who require additional consulting and explanatory services will need to use our Psychometric Assessment Consulting Services.

Unsupervised Psychometric Bureau Service

In addition to our fully psychologist-managed Psychologist-on-Call™ assessment and consulting ervice, we offer an unsupervised Psychometric Bureau Service. This is for those already trained and accredited in psychometric testing who do not wish to use their own psychometric testing system for whatever reason. In this case, we add respondents to our own psychometric test systems on behalf of the client, manage the candidates, and once tests have been completed, we send psychometric test reports to the qualified client.

Request Service

Kindly contact us to start the psychometric bureau service. If possible, please try to give 48 hours’ notice of the need to send candidate invites and likewise for report deadlines.