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Psychometric Test Videos

Psychometric Test Videos demonstrating our online Aptitude and Personality Tests and Psychometric Testing Systems.

Our psychometric test videos provide an overview of our personality assessments and aptitude tests. These tools are available to qualified users online. For those not qualified, we offer exceptional psychometric test training, both in-person in Asia and online.

Identity Personality Questionnaire

An online personality assessment, developed specifically for the workplace, to assist in hiring the right person for the role and in development, coaching and career counselling.

Full details for the Identity Questionnaire


Psychometric Portal & Quest Profiler Psychometric Test Video

A online psychometric testing system with multiple different assessments of both aptitude and personality, in addition to a job match – job analysis function, 360 appraisal and culture & engagement assessments.

Full details for the Psychometric Portal

Full details for the Quest Profiler