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Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks

It may be argued that Job Analysis is the most critical part of the HR cycle. Without a proper and thorough job analysis, the human resource executive has little information to base the job description, competency profile, reward system, recruitment advertisement, selection process, training and development plan and performance appraisal on!

PsyAsia International’s organizational psychologists are highly experienced in objective job profiling. We can handle the complete process of job analysis and profiling, reporting and development of key skills and competencies and development of a job description based on this. Alternatively, if you simply wish to use our tests for personality-based assessment of the individual, we can work with you to produce a personality-based job profile quickly and easily.

Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks Consultancy by Registered Psychologists

At PsyAsia International, our Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks Consultancy is provided by Registered Psychologists who are expert in the selection and development of people at work and who must keep up-to-date with all developments in this area.

Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks Consultancy may include, but not be limited to:

  • working with you to understand the job
  • interviewing current job-holders, supervisors and other stakeholders about the role
  • possible observation of the current job-holder at work
  • reviewing diaries kept by current job-holders
  • undertaking extensive research into the current role via online databases
  • reviewing data generated by online job analysis questionnaires completed by current job holder, supervisors or other stakeholders
  • facilitating a competency card sort either in-person or via remote meeting
  • focus group discussions either in-person or facilitated online

Traditional or Remote HR Consulting

Our Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks Consultancy is available in both full-service traditional and, discounted remote modes of consultation. Please view details of these options on our main Human Resource Consultancy page.

Engage our Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks Consultancy

Every client who is interested in our Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks Consultancy has different requirements. Rather than listing the many possibilities here, we’d like to talk to you. Kindly contact us for further details about this aspect of our HR Consulting portfolio.

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