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Clinical Neuropsychologist Online Screening Assessment

PsyAsia International’s Department of Clinical Neuropsychology offers one-on-one Clinical Neuropsychologist online cognitive screening assessments, via our secure e-Health platform.

Neuropsychological Assessment Psychologist's Report

Neuropsychological Assessment Psychologist’s Report

Through our secure e-Health platform, we offer neurocognitive screening services that are carried out one-on-one by a psychologist remotely. The screening service is suitable for those who have concerns about their cognitive functioning (memory, speed of processing, attention and so on) but are unable to attend a full neuropsychological assessment. We are able to give clients an indication of their cognitive functioning following the screening and will recommend further neuropsychological assessment or referral to a neurologist where indicated.

We also undertake remote neuropsychological assessment for hiring and coaching purposes. Many roles hire for traditional abilities such as numerical or verbal reasoning. However, confidence in the full neurocognitive profile of a high-stakes candidate is essential and our service covers aspects of cognition such as working memory, delayed memory, speed of processing, executive functioning and more. Results can be combined with traditional occupational psychology assessments to provide a fuller assessment of your candidate.

To avail this clinical neuropsychological assessment service, the client must be able to use a PC computer and have access to that PC in a quiet, uninterrupted environment. A reliable internet connection is also required.

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