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Development Center Design Consultancy

Consulting to produce a reliable and valid development centre to assess the needs of high potentials.

Development Center Design Consultancy

Scientific research supports that Development Centers are one of the absolute best ways to assess talent and predict the development needs of high potentials. Development Centers allow for assessment of multiple competencies, by multiple trained observers, by way of multiple exercises. Development Centers can only sustain their good record of scientific validity if the exercises are well designed and reflect the requirements of the role being assessed for.

PsyAsia International has a proud history of working with Asia’s top organizations and Governments, particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong, to train Development Center observers and in providing Development Center Design Consultancy.


  • timetabling and logistics
  • job analysis
  • investigtion/prediction of skill/competency gaps
  • competency frameworks
  • behavioral indicators
  • exercise design
  • scoring systems
  • calibration
  • piloting
  • validation (including assessing inter and intra-rater reliability)
  • audit of current development centre
  • audit of client produced exercises / scoring systems
  • training of in-house observers
  • assistance with the feedback and ongoing development process
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