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Recruitment Consultant Services - Scientific Candidate Selection Consultancy

Our registered psychologists offer recruitment consultant services to help ensure best practice in the candidate selection processes. These services are great for recruitment consultants or anybody responsible for employee selection.

Recruitment Consultant Services

In the past, some people responsible for candidate selection believed that good selection of employees could be based upon a good reference and some insight perhaps gained through intuition during a standard employment interview. Nowadays, there are many more objective and scientific tools available for those responsible for selection. PsyAsia International can assist organisations and recruitment consultants in small- or large-scale candidate selection, and suggest existing, or design new tools and assessments, in order to assess the competencies derived through the job analysis. This can then feed into the performance appraisal, training, and other aspects of the human resource cycle and PsyAsia International has the skills to assist in all of these areas.

Candidate Recruitment and Selection for jobs is not an easy process if we are to ensure that it remains reliable, valid, and a positive process for candidates and employers alike!  As a result, PsyAsia International is pleased to offer our Recruitment Consulting Services, whereby we invest time to fully understand the job you are hiring for, and then we design the selection processes and systems for you. This not only saves time, but also ensures that your process follows the most up-to-date, best practice, and scientific knowledge in this important area. The end result – better hires!


Recruitment Consultant Services by Registered Psychologists

At PsyAsia International, our Business Psychologists are experts in assessment for recruitment and selection at work. We work with multi-national organisations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and also outside of Asia to develop scientific, reliable and valid candidate assessment processes.

Our recruitment consultant services will typically include, but not be limited to:

  • understanding the role you are hiring for by way of job analysis
  • developing competency frameworks with behavioral indicators
  • matching required, important job competencies with the most reliable and valid exercises known to assess them
  • developing a score-able job application form that only collects relevant and legally permitted information
  • developing competency-based interview questions and rating scales
  • developing other assessments, such as assessment centre exercises, presentation exercises or in-tray exercises
  • providing consultancy on the best psychometric assessments to use to assess the required competencies
  • training the selection team in any of the above
  • producing a quantitative scoring sheet with pre-programmed weightings and ratings on the basis of the importance to the role and how validly the assessments predict the competencies


What our recruitment consultant services do not offer

Kindly note, that we are not a “recruitment” company. We do not advertise jobs or match candidates to clients. We do offer expert consultancy on Candidate Recruitment!

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Our Recruitment Consulting Services are available is available in both full-service traditional and, discounted, online modes of consultation. Please view details of these options on our main Human Resource Consultancy page.

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