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Prevent Cheating in Psychometric Tests with Validate

Prevent cheating in psychometric tests when using aptitude tests in candidate selection.

Validate to Prevent Cheating in Aptitude Testing

One potential issue with modern-day online psychometric assessment that is carried out remotely is that it is possible for candidates to receive help when completing aptitude tests! Worse still, the candidate may ask another individual to compete their test for them. That said, it is not practical to have all job applicants come to your office to be tested under supervised conditions at an early stage in the selection process. So, what is the solution?

The Validate Process to Prevent Cheating in Psychometric Tests

  • Have your candidates complete the psychometric aptitude test remotely at their preferred location at a time of their convenience.
  • Advise candidates to complete the test without help.
  • Tell candidates that a follow-up assessment will be administered at a later stage under supervised conditions.
  • For shortlisted candidates, you will undoubtedly schedule an interview. At the same time as the interview, use Validate to confirm their original aptitude test results.

How Does Validate Prevent Cheating in Psychometric Tests?

Our Validate process significantly reduces the likelihood that candidates get through the selection process if they have received help when completing Aptitude Tests.

By testing a candidate on a sample of the most difficult questions that they answered correctly in their initial Aptitude Test, Validate eliminates the need to make them sit an entire test all over again – only a few minutes are required to accurately indicate whether a candidate has received help.

According to research, just knowing that their results will be confirmed later by way of re-testing makes candidates significantly less likely to cheat or to ask for assistance when completing their online aptitude test.

Validate results are shown alongside the initial Aptitude Test results for quick reference.

Next Steps

Validate is available within the Psychometric Portal® or can be availed as part of our Psychologist-on-Call™ Service.

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