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Psychometric Training Courses

PsyAsia International is Asia's independent leader in Psychometric Training Courses. We are contracted to teach Psychometrics to multiple government departments and have done so since 2002. We use only high-level, experienced Registered Psychologists who are experts in Psychometric Testing at Work.
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Psychometric Training Courses

Using psychometric tests to shortlist job applicants or to assist in development, coaching and career counselling has become commonplace. Psychometric testing adds more information to the overall assessment process.  However, that information is meaningless if the test chosen is not the right one for the situation or if a well developed test is used incorrectly because of a lack of training and competence on behalf of the test administrator. In view of this, PsyAsia International’s expert organisational psychologists provide world-class psychometric training in the following signature courses:

Our Psychometric Courses

Identity Personality Assessment Course

Qualify to use the BPS Registered Personality Test – The Identity Self-Perception Questionnaire.

Introduction to Psychometric Testing Workshop

Special training in foundation psychometric testing for the workplace. Courses take place occasionally in Hong Kong and Online.

Psychometric Test Administration Course

BPS Level 1 Certification Training

Learn how to competently administer psychometric tests at work in this first level of the internationally recognised qualification form the British Psychological Society. Also available in our range of Online Psychometric Training Courses.

Psychometric Assessment at Work Course

BPS Level 1 & 2 RQTU Combined Course

Learn how to competently administer, score, interpret, write-up reports, feedback and make decisions based on psychometric aptitude and personality tests at work. An internationally recognised qualification from the British Psychological Society and the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations. Also available in our range of Online Psychometric Courses.

BPS Level 1 & 2 RQTU Psychometric Training Courses

Our Online Psychometric Assessment at Work Course

Qualify for internationally recognised certificates in psychometric testing from the British Psychological Society from your home or office computers or your mobile devices.

Psychometrics for Human Resource Decisions (Online Training)

Our Psychometrics for Human Resource Decisions Course

Provides a basic understanding of how to use psychometric tools in Human Resource decision-making in a practical manner conveyed via case studies and experiential learning in virtual breakout groups in 3 Live Sessions of 3-4 hours each (with breaks). Suitable for those working as HRM Managers/Officers, Line Managers, Business Managers & Leaders, Careers Advisers, Coaches, Counsellors etc.

Online Psychometrics Training
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PsyAsia International’s Psychometric Training Courses

All of our psychometric training courses are run by registered organisational psychologists based in Hong Kong. The majority of our competitors do NOT use Psychologists to facilitate psychometric training courses and psychometric accreditation training. We do not ship psychologists in from Europe or the USA (who know little about testing practice in Asia) to run training. PsyAsia offers the widest range of psychometric training courses in Asia.