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Human Resource Consulting Asia

Online and in-person Human Resource Consulting with an Asian slant from expert and highly experienced Business Psychologists who use only cutting-edge, evidence-based solutions.
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Human Resource Consulting Asia by Business Psychologists

Business Psychologists, Organisational Psychologists, I-O Psychologists…these are all job titles for Psychologists who specialise in the application of psychology to workplace assessment and performance.  The Consultants at PsyAsia International are all Registered Business Psychologists. Others in Asia may refer to themselves as psychologists having studied psychology for a few hours! However, to be a Registered Psychologist in countries where this title is protected requires a lot more than that, and PsyAsia International’s psychologists bring that to our Business Psychology and Human Resource Consulting assignments throughout Asia and beyond from our Hong Kong base.

Human Resource Consulting Services

These services are available online in addition to traditional face-to-face mechanisms:

Assessment Centre Consultancy

Best Practice Human Resources HR Audit

Development Centre Consultancy

Job Analysis & Competency Frameworks

Job Applicant Psychologist Interview & Testing

Psychometric Test Evaluation

Recruitment Consultant Services

Human Resource Consulting – Traditional or Online Options

As our reputation has blossomed since our inception in 2002, PsyAsia International’s Consulting services have been required in many different locations. At the same time, businesses have become cost conscious. In order to balance these points, PsyAsia International has offered remote consulting as part of our Psychologist-on-Call™ service for many years. Remote Consulting means that for any full project under our HR consulting services that we do not need to be at your premises for, we can undertake it in our own offices and remain in contact with you via Online meetings, emails and phone calls. Any Human Resource Consulting service which comes under our Psychologist-on-Call™ remote HR Consulting Service is subject to a lower fee than our traditional on-location services. Please kindly note that if at any point we are required to meet with you in-person (i.e., for an initial introductory meeting), our discounted remote Consulting service is no longer an option and our full traditional service replaces it.

Online Psychometrics Training
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