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Human Resource Training Online, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia

World-class, online and in-person Human Resource Training courses and workshops from leading, award-winning, Registered Psychologists based in Hong Kong.
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Human Resource Training Courses Online, Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia

PsyAsia International facilitates professional Human Resource Training Courses Online, and throughout Asia, with a particular emphasis on Hong Kong and Singapore. All courses are facilitated by experienced Business Psychologists who bring an understanding of the psychology of the workplace in addition to HRM issues and who comply with a code of ethics and competence.

Assessment & Development Centre Course

Assessment Centres have proven to be excellent tools in terms of predicting the performance of potential employees. Development Centres have also proven their worth in terms of highlighting the development needs of high potentials. In order to work effectively, assessors, observers and administrators require top-notch training from a competent individual. PsyAsia International has more than 20 years of experience in designing and running Assessment and Development Centres and applies this in our very practical and engaging 3-day workshop which culminates in the running of a live Assessment Centre on the final day.

Behaviour-based Interviewing Course

The interview is a common tool for employee selection. However, many interviewers have never been trained and it has long been recognized that there is little intra- and inter-rater reliability (consistency) where traditional non-structured interviews are utilised. This one-day workshop provides busy recruitment agency staff, selection panels and line management with tools for increasing the objectivity and standardisation of interviews. We focus on the Behaviour Based Interview (also known as Competency-based Interviewing) because evidence shows this to be the most valid type of interview in predicting subsequent work performance.

Human Resource Management Training Course

Our super-practical Human Resource Management Training Course takes delegates through the entire Human Resource Cycle over 4 days. We cover topics such as Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Motivation, Performance Appraisal, Training and Development and Psychometric Testing. Employing a case study method, topics are taught with full interaction of delegates and this culminates in a major case study on the final day which showcases learning from the entire HRM course.

Performance Appraisal Course

Modern multi-nationals and government organisations use Performance Appraisal as an effective and objective tool in managing employee performance and development. To ensure the purpose of the system is effectively communicated and understood; to reduce the chances of subjective evaluations; and to produce more scientific, useful and fair appraisal interviews, we recommend our psychologist-delivered, interactive, Performance Appraisal Training Courses which cover both regular performance appraisal and 360® appraisal.

Psychometric Training Courses

PsyAsia International offers a range of Psychometric Training Courses delivered by the most qualified psychometric expert psychologists in Asia.

Why choose Business Psychologists to facilitate Human Resource Training Courses?

Business Psychologists scientifically design and inform HR processes. Furthermore, as psychologists registered with government Psychology Boards for competence and professional practice, we are answerable to them in terms of everything that we do. We must also undertake as much relevant professional development as medical doctors each year and this gets audited by the registration boards!

All of our Human Resource Training Courses are run by Registered Organisational/Business Psychologists based in Hong Kong. Clients are assured of expert and professional training from Psychologists who must ensure up-to-date professional development in order to remain registered as psychologists. Our Human Resource Training is based on science and designed to be as practical as possible to enable delegates to immediately practice and therefore, reinforce their learning.

Online Psychometrics Training
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