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Mechanical Aptitude Test

The Mechanical Aptitude Test & Operative Aptitude Test are used for assessing unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled shop-floor level employees in a range of jobs.

Mechanical Aptitude Test & Operative Aptitude Test

The Mechanical Aptitude Test and Operative Aptitude Test assesses the ability to reason with basic information, and the visual representation characteristic of the work of a range of shop floor staff. No assumptions are made about educational standards, although those with tangible attainments in secondary education are potentially likely to do better. These tests are appropriate for assessing unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled operatives in a range of industries including manufacturing, production, warehousing and logistics. They could potentially be used to select for the grade of first line supervisor – but not for higher positions where other Management Level Aptitude Tests are likely to be more suitable.

A psychometric test to assess a candidate’s ability to answer questions about stock levels of components and their usage.

Time: 16 minutes

A psychometric test to assess a candidate’s ability to reason with and apply their mechanical knowledge.

Time: 17 minutes

A psychometric test to assess a candidate’s ability to follow a set of written instructions.

Time: 15 minutes

Online Psychometric Testing System

The Operative & Technical Aptitude Test is administered online via The Psychometric Portal®. Immediately after the candidate has completed the test, a report can be produced.

The Operative & Technical Aptitude Test can be administered under supervised conditions or unsupervised, remotely. If you have not supervised the candidate’s completion of the test, you may wish to use Validate at a later stage to verify the candidate completed the test without assistance.

Next Steps

Already trained and certified in aptitude testing?
For those already trained and certified in psychometric aptitude testing, we recommend purchase of The Psychometric Portal®. Thereafter you pay a low credit fee per candidate for the test and report.

Not currently certified in aptitude testing?
No problem! One obvious choice would be to consider training in Psychometrics. You may wish to consider our BPS Level 1 & 2 Certification which leads to an internationally recognised qualification and can be attended online or in-person. Alternatively, a faster route to qualification is via our Online Basic Psychometrics Course: Psychometrics for HR Decisions.

If you do not hold relevant qualifications and do not wish to undertake training, we can still assist by either giving you access to only text-based reports, or via our Psychologist-on-Call™ service wherein our psychologists will manage the process for you and then call you to explain all reports.

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