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Behaviour Based Interview Training - Competency Based Interview Skills Workshop

Our Behaviour Based Interview Training is one of Asia's most highly respected courses in the HR profession. Learn to interview for job competencies in a scientifically valid way, in a practical workshop delivered by a highly experienced Registered Psychologist. The course runs periodically Online, and in Singapore and Hong Kong. In-house (virtual and in-person) courses can be arranged anytime.
Course Details

Behaviour Based Interview Training Course

The interview is a common tool for employee selection. However, many interviewers have never been formally trained and it has long been recognised that there is little intra- and inter-rater reliability (consistency) where traditional non-structured interviews are utilised. This one or two day Behavior Based Interview Course provides busy recruitment agency staff, human resource managers/professionals, selection panels and line management with effective tools for increasing the objectivity and standardisation of interviews. Training focuses on the objective and structured interview technique with the greatest support for scientific validity: the Behavior-based Interview, also referred to as the Competency-based Interview, or even the Patterned Behavior Description Interview.

Course Length & Language

Course Length
  • 1 day public courses
  • 1 or 2 day in-house courses
  • Online courses of 1 day or 2-3 half-days
  • Our ONLINE LIVE PUBLIC COURSE runs over three half-days plus one, 2-hour complimentary follow-up session
Course Language
  • English

Behaviour Based Interview Training Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the Behavior-based Interviewing Course, delegates should:

  • Know what is wrong with traditional, unstructured interviews.
  • Understand why behavior-based interviews are two to five times more accurate than traditional interviews.
  • Know how to create competency requirements for any given position that they intend to interview for.
  • Be able to create behavior-based interview questions from competency frameworks.
  • Be able to enhance professional interviewing skills with effective communication strategies and behavioral interview techniques.
  • Be able to create and identify positive and negative indicators of various competencies, as well as potential overplayed strengths.
  • Be able to develop and use a reliable, valid and defensible rating/scoring and evaluation process for interviews.
  • Be able to run an entire behavior-based interview professionally and with developing* competence from start to finish.

*It is not expected that the delegate will be fully competent immediately following the course as this will take some practice. However, our style of experiential training does give delegates a head start in developing competence in the subject matter.

Client Specific Objectives for the Behavior-based Interviewing Course

The above objectives can be edited for in-house training courses based on client needs. For example, for a client who already has a well developed competency framework, we may not train participants how to analyze the job for competencies; we may instead spend more time helping participants understand the organization’s competencies and running practice interviews based on these.

Behaviour Based Interview Training Outline


  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Problems with the traditional employment interview
  • Ice-breaker interview exercise with feedback
  • The importance of hiring right
  • Reliability, Validity, ROI and the cost of hiring errors

Preparing for Behaviour-based Interviews

  • Conduct a mini Job Analysis
  • Identifying competencies and competency frameworks
  • Developing behavioural indicators: positive, negative and overplayed strengths

Behaviour-based Interview Questions

  • Introducing and understanding what makes questions behaviour-based
  • Why the BBI approach is better in terms of validity (and reliability)
  • How to write BBI questions based on competencies
  • Ensuring questions are fair and elicit the right level of (evidence-based) response
  • Practice questions on co-participants

Listening skills in Behaviour-based Interviewing

  • Practical exercises to improve listening and processing skills and reduce non-scientific, perception-based decision-making

Power Interviewing

  • Additional questioning styles that add power to the validity of the BBI

Recording and Scoring the Candidate’s Responses

  • Sensible note-taking
  • Behavioural checklists and scoring sheets
  • Rating errors and how to avoid them
  • Scoring candidate responses objectively

Perfecting the interview process

  • Dealing with difficult candidates
  • Perfecting the entire process – a process for reliable, valid, ethical, competency-related interviews

Combining Assessment Data

  • How to validly combine data from other assessments (especially psychometrics) with interview data/evidence

Conduct Practice Interviews & Interactive Quizzes

This entire Behavior-based Interviewing Course is based on experiential learning. From the very start, participants will be engaged in interviewing in small groups. As the course progresses, new knowledge components will be added little by little and then practiced in groups and immediate feedback offered by the psychologist facilitator. Participants are offered multiple opportunities to assess their new knowledge by way of interactive quizzes on their mobile devices. The course culminates at the end of the day in preparing for and conducting a final professional-quality behavior-based interview.

Day 2 (Applies to in-house courses only)

Most of our in-house Behavior-based Interviewing Course clients opt for our 2-day course in order to delve deeper into the topic and devote more time to practice interview sessions and expert feedback from the psychologist facilitator.

On 2-day courses, we still cover most of the knowledge component on day 1, whilst on day 2, we run full behavior-based interviews in small groups. These sessions are recorded and then the group reconvenes to watch highlights of these recorded sessions and provide sensitive feedback to each other and to receive feedback from the facilitator.

Day 2 culminates in a panel interview which showcases each participant’s new skills and acts as an exercise in calibration of scoring and assessment of inter-rater reliability. This is often the highlight of the course and is very motivational because participants themselves are able to see how far they have come since the very first ice-breaker interview of day 1.

Supplementary 2-hour session for Live Online Behaviour Based Interview Training

For those attending our LIVE ONLINE training, we run the course using highly interactive methods over two, four-hour sessions. Approximately one week later, participants are invited back for an optional 2-hour session where we do the following:

  • Answer any questions that may have arisen in their interview practise or reflection.
  • If participants have practised interviewing, we ask them to video record this and share parts of the recording with the group for group feedback followed by feedback from the psychologist-facilitator.
  • We break the group into small sub-groups again and have them practice with each other one final time whilst the facilitator moves between the virtual break out rooms observing and offering constructive feedback.


Participant Profile

Our Behavior-based Interviewing Course is suitable for recruitment agency staff, human resource managers/professionals, selection panels, line management, supervisors, and consultants who interview for recruitment and selection and wish to ensure they conform to scientific principles, international best practice, and techniques which reliably and validly predict performance at work.

Psychologist Facilitator

The Behavior-based Interviewing Course facilitator may vary from one course to the next but, PsyAsia International will always use Registered (Business) Psychologists who are experts in their field and who possess a minimum of a Masters degree in the specialty of I-O Psychology. Registered Psychologists are required to keep up-to-date in their field and must undertake extensive professional development every year. More often than not, our Behavior-based Interviewing Course is facilitated by Psychologists with a Doctoral Degree in Psychology. Feel free to ask us for the profile of the psychologist who will be facilitating your specific course.

Certification for the Behaviour Based Interview Training Course

All delegates who actively participate throughout the entire Behavior-based Interviewing Course will receive a Certificate of Attendance signed by the Psychologist Facilitator.

For an additional fee, delegates may choose to be assessed for a Certificate of Competence. This will require additional work outside of the course, wherein delegates will design their own Behavior-based Interview without extensive help from others and then run a full-length interview on one person who they do not know very well. The interview should be video recorded and uploaded to a secure cloud server for access by the assessor. Pre-interview preparation and all interview notes should also be uploaded.  All assessment material is to be submitted within 1 month after the course. Feedback will be provided in a 15-20 minute Online Meeting with the psychologist assessor and the Certificate of Competence will be issued for work that meets the required standard. This is an excellent and economical way to have a Psychologist check your work without paying a high Consulting Fee!!

Previous Behaviour Based Interview Training Course Participant's Feedback

Kindly note that some reviews relate to our 1-day public or in-house courses whereas others refer to our 2-day in-house training.

A very informative course, worth attending for recruitment practitioners.
Tshepang Thapa
Recruitment Consultant

The course was very enlightening. I took away many key BBI techniques and cannot wait to apply them to my next interview. The practice sessions were good as it allowed us to know where we can better improve. The session was engaging and interactive. The trainer was very clear and explained the process in a simple manner, easy to understand.
Teo Shu Hui
Senior HR Executive
Raffles Hotel Singapore

Very useful for the HR professional to increase the overall standard of new hires.
Daniel Bourne
Manager, Recruitment & Staff Development
RMIT International University, Vietnam

A very engaging and hands-on course
Crystal Yang
Senior executive
Civil Service College, Singapore

I like that sufficient time was given for practice session
Cheong Wai Yee
Manager, HR
Civil Service College, Singapore

Provides a good structured approach.
Yeo Seow Leng
Resource Manager
NCS (a member of the Singtel Group)

This is a practical course all managers should attend to ensure hiring the right people for the right position for a longer period of time.
Nita Ryarti
Partnerships Manager
Rare (Indonesia)

A very interactive and insightful workshop focusing on a lot of practical learning. Delivery effective and pleasant. This workshop is a must for HR practitioners who are involved in Recruitment & Selection
Raji Arun
HSBC Singapore

After having the first day to process and “digest” all the theory, the second day spent practicing BBI skills was so invaluable”
Andrea Platts
Asst. Director of Housekeeping
The Peninsula Hong Kong

The role plays and briefing session really helped a lot to understand the technique; more time to practice and get feedback to ensure if I am doing correctly.
Vivian Fan
Peninsula Clubs & Consulting Services
CX Lounges

I recommend: prefect demonstration by facilitator.
Owen Leung
Asst. Director of Housekeeping
The Peninsula Hong Kong

Good scientific logic behind the programme.
Anthony Wong
Director Operations, Planning & Support
HSH (Hong Kong)

I think the course was very useful.
Chris Chan
Senior Manager, Research & Technology
HSH (Hong Kong)

This course helps to review my past interview skill and provide a structured interview skill in order to sharpen my competency. This training is advisable to be in at least 2 days to cover theory, practice and discussion.
Kevin Tsang
Director F&B
The Peninsula Hong Kong

A lot of discussion really helps us to understand the training. Good to have 2 days of training.
The Peninsula Hong Kong

Learning without practicing is not encouraged but this course enabled us to have perfect practicing chances.
Cecilia Man
Butterfield’s Hong Kong

Course is worth attending and will provide a lot of information necessary for conducting interviews.
Benierizza Bairan
SPED Specialist
APG School (Bahrain)

Worth it and cannot wait to start practicing this!
Tuqa Marhoon
Gifted & Talented Specialist
APG School (Bahrain)

The course is worth the money you pay. You’ll not only grow professionally, you’ll also bring very important skills for the benefits of your company.
John Labor
IB Coordinator
APG School (Bahrain)

The course is intensive even we have two days. It is informative and interactive which I would recommend to my colleague to attend.
Lawrence Kuan
Assistant Director of Engineering
The Peninsula Hong Kong

It really helps with all the exercises / practice / discussions on Day 2. Helps me understand the topic much better.
Ada Tung
Assistant Front Office Manager
The Peninsula Hong Kong

Interview seems very simple, but when applying it’s hard. It’s good that the course last for 2 days so we have sufficient time to practice.
Teresa Tang
The Repulse Bay

It is very useful for staff from our organization who need to lead an interview to acquire skills and techniques of BBI.
Judy Yan
L&D Manager
CX Lounges

Fun, Educational and Inspirational
Steffen Braastad
Recruitment Manager
Vedel IT Malaysia

Insightful, consistent, almost brainwashing in a positive way.
Rachel Ng
Recruitment Manager
Vedel IT Malaysia

For hiring companies who wish to hire competent and right skill set of employees, they should attend this course to change their current interview question structure.
Jolene Wang
Deputy Contracts Manager
LTA Singapore

The course is worth attending for HR & Consultant!!
Septalina M
PPM Management, Indonesia

I learnt about being structured in my interview sessions. Am intending to read through the manual and devise behavior based questions for my future interviews.
Loh Ley Ley
Senior Manager
IE Singapore

It’s a good programme and allows you to better understand the whole BBI process.
Lim Ai Ris
Senior HR Generalist
Yum! Asia Franchise Pte Ltd.

Good, structured way to prepare for interviews.
La Yei Fung
Assistant Director
IE Singapore

Very practical. Useful in ensuring validity for selecting the right candidate.
IE Singapore

Great introduction to an objective way of conducting interviews.
Gurmeet Singh
Senior Manager
IE Singapore

The course teaches us to qualify our criterion evaluations to be more scientific
Associate Director
IE Singapore

Very useful to learn how to ask questions that predict future behavior of candidate.
Lester Lu
IE Singapore

All managers who are hiring staff need to attend this to select the right candidate.
Ken Ong
VP, Global SCM

By attending this course I am better prepared to interview a person to assess them on competencies needed for ASM.
Ramalingom R.
Manufacturing Mgr

Good insight and a different approach to interviewing skills to better identify the right candidates.
Daniel Wee
Manager Mfg. Eng.

Really teaches us the meaning of objectivity, which I feel is very important when interviewing other people.
Ferng Lyng
Senior HR Executive

The course highlighted the importance of interviews and how we could better structure the interviews.
IE Singapore

The course provided an overview of items and behavioral tendencies/biases to look for during interviews.
IE Singapore

Insightful and may change the way I interview candidates
IE Singapore

Useful skill to know. The practical sessions were fun & informative.

More systematic approach to selecting and finding the right candidate.
Audrey Tan
Senior Manager
IE Singapore

Useful for those who conduct interviews regularly and keen to find out more about valid methods.
Ministry of Education

The course is useful for new and current staff to understand their MOs well enough to perform the job well
Lee Puay Min
Senior Manager
IE Singapore

Plenty of hands-on opportunities to apply what we learnt.

Applicable techniques useful for my work
Sarah Ley
Centre Director Beijing
IE Singapore

Great reminder of the essence of an interview.
Dean Tan
Centre Director Dubai
IE Singapore

Good course to start pointing interviewers in the right direction.
Edward Ho
IE Singapore

Excellent, learn lots of new things in short time!
Business Development
Pt Warna Abadi

Very professional tutor and course. Learn a lot from this course and would like to attend other courses if possible.

Vivian Zhang
JV Hunting

Good overview of fact-based interviewing techniques.
IE Singapore

I now understand that when I ask a question I need to consider the expected answer and to score on the basis of that.
Sun Tian
Field Support Manager

Attend the course before carrying on with the interview!
Chor Ban Huat
Field Service Manager

Very fruitful and thoughtful course to attend.
Shee Icah Seng
Mechanical Engineer Manager

I learnt important steps and processes in an interview.
Lau Tong Hing
Software Manager

Interesting and informative – good sets of methodology for interviewing.
Ho Teng Mee
Director Technology & Design

It helps in providing a consistent rating.
Joseph Goh
Senior Director

Good practical examples were given to demonstrate principles
Senior Manager
IE Singapore

Good introduction to BBI
Julia Koh
Resourcing Manager
Neptune Orient Lines

This is definately a course to attend to know about the behavior-based interview. Good for beginner.
Tan Say Pooi
HRDF Consultant
HRDF Malaysia

It is a new knowledge in interview skill that company needs to practice. Very worth attending.
HRDF Malaysia

Will help in interviewing future candidates.
Lakhtar Singh
Mech. Design Eng.
Xyratex (Malaysia)

Good and would encourage others to enroll.
Teh Lee Cheng
Software & Hardware Development Manager
Xyratex (Malaysia)

Worthful to attend as describe the BBI real situations.
Ernie Malena Ab Malek
HR Executive
Xyratex (Malaysia)

Straight to the point and the trainer is able to make me understand the topic.
Yee Yoke Chek
Software Test Manager
Xyratex (Malaysia)

Provided a good understanding of an effective process for conducting interviews.
Guy Syrett
Leighton (Hong Kong)

Gives me the tools to enable me to implement a more structured approach to interviewing and selecting the right people.
S. Dickson
Project Manager
Leighton (Hong Kong)

Very practical course that you can literally apply the method in the very next interview.
Desmond Sze
Operations Manager
Leighton (Hong Kong)

Will give some structure to any interviews carried out in the future.
Brian Mackie
Leighton (Hong Kong)

Who we employ is critical to the ongoing and future success of the business. It was good to learn how to apply some science and process to how we bring people into the business.
Peter Weiley
Operations Manager
Leighton (Hong Kong)

Dates, Teaching Methods & Course Registration

Fees & Registration

  • Fees for in-person public courses and supported mode online courses can be found at our events page.
  • For in-house course fees, please contact us.


  • Courses at Client’s Venue
  • Public Courses in Singapore
  • Public Courses in Hong Kong
  • Online Training


Teaching Methodology

  • High impact experiential learning.
  • Interactive quizzes on delegate’s mobile devices.
  • Continuous feedback on practical performance from practitioner psychologist facilitator.
  • In our Online Workshops, we use virtual break-out rooms for interview skills practice. In these rooms, participants practice in groups of 2-3 and the psychologist-facilitator moves from one virtual room to another to observe and give feedback. We then meet again in the main “room” to offer insight and group feedback. These sessions continue throughout the workshop as new skills are learned, so they are practiced, much like in our real-world training.
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