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Aptitude Tests in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia

Aptitude tests which have been scientifically developed predict job performance remarkably well. It's important, however, to choose highly reliable and valid tools. Our psychologists in Hong Kong support our clients in their scientific choice and use of online Aptitude Tests.
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Aptitude Tests Best Practice in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia

These maximum performance tests have been shown in meta-analytic studies to be one of the absolute best predictors of workplace performance. PsyAsia International’s tests are chosen carefully to ensure that the assessments reflect contemporary work needs. Many of our non-psychologist competitors in Hong Kong and Singapore simply distribute whatever psychometric tests they can get their hands on and are often unaware of how to evaluate the different assessments on the market. At PsyAsia International, our doctoral-level and award-winning psychologists have thoroughly reviewed the tests we sell to ensure superior reliability and validity. To this end, we work with the world’s most renowned aptitude test publishers.

Why use Aptitude Tests in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia?

The use of such tests is widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful methods of predicting an individual’s success within a role, for both job applicants and succession planning. In fact, did you know they are more predictive than most personality assessments and job interviews? These benefits only hold true for tests designed by psychologists and psychometricians who understand statistics, and reliability and validity issues in psychometric test design.

Aptitude Tests Range

Administrative & Clerical Staff: Tests of Word Usage, Computation, Proof Checking & Cross-checking

The Clerical and Administrative Aptitude Test series comprise tests of Word Usage, Computation, Proof Checking and Cross-checking for Administrative & Clerical Staff.

Managers & Professionals: Verbal & Numerical Reasoning

The Managerial and Professional Aptitude Tests comprise Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests.

Shop Floor Staff: Tests of Following Instructions, Mechanical Understanding & Using Numbers

The Operative Aptitude Test series comprise 3 tests which assess Following Instructions, Using Numbers and Mechanical Understanding.

Specialist Series: Deductive, Inductive and Spatial Reasoning

The Specialist Series assess the ability to reason with symbols, involving neither written text nor numbers. Useful in specialist engineering (across all disciplines) and architectural roles where symbolic or coded representation is commonplace, such as electric and chemical engineering.

Supervisors and Team Leaders: Verbal & Numerical Reasoning

The Supervisory and Team Leader Aptitude Tests comprise Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests.

Online Psychometric Testing System

All of the tests mentioned above have been designed by Chartered Psychologists who also develop tests for the world’s largest test publisher. These tests are available in our Online Psychometric Testing System – The Psychometric Portal®. The system is available for those trained to use this level of assessments. Alternatively, for those not trained and accredited, our psychologists based in Hong Kong can assist untrained users with our Psychologist-on-Call™ Service.

Worried about Cheating?

Don’t be! We have a tool called Validate which helps clients to identify and take action where cheating in the psychometric test is indicated.

Validate for Aptitude Tests

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