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Clinical Neuropsychologist Hong Kong

PsyAsia International's Department of Clinical Neuropsychology offers a Clinical Neuropsychologist assessment service in Hong Kong, as well as remote online neuropsychological screening via teleneuropsychology for those unable to attend our clinic.
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Clinical Neuropsychologist Hong Kong

  • Differential diagnosis of neurological deficits (e.g., attention, memory, speed of processing, language, planning & organising, decision-making and other executive problems).
  • Differential diagnosis of neurological disorders based on neurocognitive profile in partnership with medical practitioners and integrating patient medical history and brain imaging (e.g., Alzheimer’s dementia, fronto-temporal dementia, semantic dementia, sub-cortical dementias, autoimmune disorders, hydrocephalus, mood disorders).
  • Post-COVID-19 and NeuroCOVID cognitive screening (“Brain Fog” assessment and return to work consulting)
  • Assessment of alcohol-related brain impairment.
  • Assessment of cognitive strengths and weaknesses and recovery profile following traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumour resection and other neurosurgeries.
  • Pre- and post-neurosurgery review neuropsychological assessments.
  • Capacity assessments (to assess if a patient has the cognitive capacity to make decisions about their finances, medical treatment or post-discharge accommodation).
  • Assessment of general intellectual functioning (e.g., for diagnostic or academic purposes).
  • Evidence-based neuropsychological rehabilitation (i.e., attention, memory, speed of processing, executive deficits) following any acquired brain injury and a full neuropsychological assessment.

Referrals for Clinical Neuropsychologist Assessment in Hong Kong

Referrals may come from the following sources. Kindly ensure that your referral question is clear or call us for assistance. Reports are tailored to the individual client and referral question(s).

  • GPs
  • Allied care
  • Hospital-based consultants (neurologists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation consultants etc.)
  • Self-referrals (e.g., you are concerned about your own memory or need help returning to work following a brain injury)
  • At the current time, we do not undertake medico-legal or paediatric assessments.

Professional care from highly qualified Clinical Neuropsychologists

Our doctoral level Psychologists have trained as Clinical Neuropsychologists at respected universities and have experienced extensive supervision by Psychology Board of Australia approved Clinical Neuropsychology supervisors. They have worked within multidisciplinary teams with occupational, physical and speech therapists, social workers, neurologists, geriatricians, paediatricians and rehabilitation consultants in some of Australia’s most renowned teaching hospitals (e.g., Liverpool Hospital, Sydney and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead). They have worked with patients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds with these hospitals being at the crossroads of a melting pot of cultures and nationalities and with many assessments requiring translator-assistance.

Diagnosis and Assessments

Kindly note that we do not diagnose without assessment, nor do we share which assessments we use without first undertaking a clinical interview.