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Personality Tests Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia

Personality Tests provide a good indication of a job applicant's fit, motivations, interests and likely competencies, strengths and development needs. Our world-class assessments offer exceptional validity data and are supported by our Psychologists in Hong Kong.
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Personality Tests Used Correctly

Personality Tests are not all as reliable and valid as each other. Are you using personality tests recommended by others who may not know about the psychometrics behind such tools? Are you purchasing tests from a non-psychologist vendor who lacks expertise in this area?  If so, you are now at the right place. PsyAsia International’s Registered Psychologists, based in Hong Kong, are experts in Personality Tests. Our director’s PhD specialised in psychometrics in the workplace for predicting performance in Asia. As a result, PsyAsia International has thoroughly reviewed the personality tests that we offer to ensure that we bring tests with proven reliability and validity to our clients.

Our Personality Tests in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia

Identity® Self-Perception Questionnaire

Identity® is a modern personality test developed specifically for use in today’s workplace. Identity® reports on 36 “primary” scales that are related to performance at work. Of impressive note is that scientific research has shown that personality testing with Identity® actually has greater predictive power than some ability tests. Identity is a precise measure of personality and is easy to understand and learn because the scale labels directly reflect the meaning of the scale. A number of report options are available, including insightful pre-interview reports for a selection panel, a careers report for use in career counselling and a feedback report for the candidate.

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Quest Profiler®

The content of The Quest Profiler® Personality Assessment lends itself to varied applications within the selection and development field.  It provides a comprehensive narrative of a range of traits and work-related styles, including 24 personality scales, leadership style profile, team style profile, culture match indicator, conflict styles, transformational leadership, transactional management, emotional intelligence and predictive competencies. The Quest Profiler® is not just about personality testing; it comes as part of an integrated online psychometric assessment system that additionally offers aptitude testsjob analysis-job match360 degree performance assessment as well as a culture and engagement survey.

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Personality Testing Systems Sales Presentations

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A British Psychological Society Registered Online Personality Assessment developed by Chartered Psychologists specifically to assess aspects of personality relevant to work performance.

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An Online Psychometric Testing System, the Psychometric Portal® contains aptitude and personality tests, 360° performance appraisal and a culture and engagement assessment.

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