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Asian Leader in Psychometric Assessment, HRM, Business Psychology Consulting & Clinical Neuropsychology

PsyAsia International is a well established (since 2002), multi-award-winning Asian Leader in Psychometric Testing, Human Resource Training & Business Psychology Consulting, as well as Clinical Neuropsychology.
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About PsyAsia International

The “idea” of PsyAsia International was conceived by our principal director during his time working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In his three years there, he was teaching MBA Human Resource Management for the UK’s University of Leicester and also set up and managed a psychometric assessment consultancy. His work spanned the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait. At the end of this 3 year period, the consultancy was handed over to an interest party and still run by them today. PsyAsia International then took shape in Hong Kong and Singapore – our first clients were government, including MINDEF in Singapore and HKIVE in Hong Kong. Over the years, our influence has grown remarkably and PsyAsia International is established as an Asian leader in Psychometrics and known as a trusted global online psychometric training and consultancy brand.

PsyAsia International: Asia's Independent Leader in Psychometric Assessment

The PsyAsia Difference

PsyAsia International is a vibrant and innovative business. We pride ourselves on the science underneath all of our solutions and excellence in client service both in terms of delivering solutions and query response/resolution times. A vast amount of the work we do is repeat business. Another large chunk of our work comes from major corporate clients who have left our competitors following poor service delivery and other issues which include incompetence! A further critical reason that clients choose PsyAsia International is because we are Asia’s own Business Psychology Consultancy, dedicated to international best practice. Your investment in PsyAsia remains in Asia rather than being redistributed to share holders overseas whose primary motivation is profit!

Our Geographical Reach

PsyAsia International has clients throughout the world. Clients from anywhere in the world are welcome on our public courses. Additionally, most of our in-house courses can be delivered anywhere in the world, although our major focus and area of greatest experience and expertise is Asia (especially China, Hong Kong SAR of China, Singapore and Malaysia), the Middle East, Australia and the UK. Even so, our ethical approach, professionalism and passion for excellence have seen us running courses and carrying out consultancy for clients outside of these areas in, for example, Africa or the USA.

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Research & Validation

PsyAsia International continues to collect local validation information and research data for the tests that we and our clients use. We also rigourously keep up-to-date with the research literature in our domain to ensure that we are always providing our clients with first-class and world-class solutions. You may wish to view some of our publications here:

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PsyAsia's Directors

PsyAsia’s directors, based in Hong Kong and Singapore, have incredible levels of professional education, alongside zeal and passion for the Asia Pacific workforce.

Our executive director, Dr Graham Tyler is a published, UK and Australia trained Chartered Psychologist (Organisational Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology), Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Hong Kong Psychological Society, and a full member of both the BPS Division of Neuropsychology and Division of Occupational Psychology. He is the recipient of an award for Scientific Contribution to Occupational Psychology from the BPS. He has people management experience in addition to experience of teaching cross-culturally on MBA & MSc in HRM programs to multi-national CEOs for the University of Leicester (UK), the University of Sheffield (UK) and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Furthermore, he developed and managed an organisational consultancy and training organisation in the Middle East before relocating to both Australia and Asia.

A fully Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, he spent his PhD years (University of Queensland, Australia) studying links between personality and performance and psychometric assessment, primarily in Asia. He also holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology (Macquarie University, Australia) a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology (Nottingham University, UK), a BSc (Hons) (London, UK) in Psychology, and a Diploma in Stress Management Training. He is a member of the British Psychological Society’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use at Levels 1 & 2 and holder of the Euro Test User Certificate issued by the European Federation of Psychological Associations.

He has worked in both teaching and Organisational Psychology/HRM consulting roles for local, government and multinational organisations worldwide, including Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, PRC, Macao SAR, Hong Kong SAR, Australia, UK, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

He also works in Clinical Neuropsychology for PsyAsia International throughout Australasia, following his board-approved supervised clinical experience in leading Australian teaching hospitals. As a practitioner, he applies his skills on a daily basis in many of Asia’s most well known companies and for government bodies. He balances this practical slant with academic teaching and publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

With a passion for charitable works and giving back to society, he was nominated for the Wesley Hospital “Ideals in Action” award in 2005 and has been recognised for voluntary services with an honorary life membership from the British Red Cross Society. In 2011 he established PsyAsia’s Foundation, Bui Doi Philippines.

PsyAsia’s non-executive director, Dr Austin Tay is a psychologist based in Singapore  who previously lived for many years in Hong Kong. He works in assessment, organisational bullying consultancy and coaching.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for your excellent work and prompt response and I must say you have conducted your work in a most professional and friendly manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending PsyAsia to anyone who needs its service.
Capt.Andre Khir

Managing Director, STET Maritime Pte Ltd, Singapore

World Courier just recently introduced the 360-degree feedback into its HRM system. We not only found the assessment findings very valuable but were also extremely satisfied with the professional guidance of PsyAsia before and during execution.
Henning Voss

Director (North Asia), World Courier Hong Kong Ltd.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work. We don’t have any hesitation to recommend you to our clients and friends.
Antonio Sotero

Coordinator, C & C Lawyers, Macao

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