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Psychometrics MOOC: Online Psychometrics Course

Our Psychometrics MOOC offers Free Online Training in Psychometrics for the Workplace over 10 weeks of training from a Registered Psychologist.

Psychometrics MOOC Introduction

Our mission at PsyAsia International has always been to enhance the competent use of Psychometric Tests in Asia. To this end, we have worked on innovative ways to bring world-class training in Psychometrics to our clients throughout Asia since 2002. Enhancing competence means removing barriers to training. This means making training interesting and accessible to as many as possible. Our online psychometrics courses are one example of how we have worked to remove barriers to training and enhance competence in psychometrics.

PsyAsia International took this mission to a worldwide audience and removed the barrier of cost by being the first provider worldwide of a Psychometrics MOOC which focuses on Psychometric Testing at Work. Our first Psychometrics MOOC started on October 7, 2015 after 6 months of development and an initial release to a pilot run group of students between June and July, 2015. Hundreds of students from across the world enrolled and the course spanned a total of 54 units of HD video-based learning.

What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for Massively Open Online Course. Top Universities worldwide have recently been offering MOOCs in various topics. Typically MOOCs provide video based lectures with quizzes to test your learning, and discussion forums where you can discuss the lectures with fellow students worldwide. MOOCs are generally open to anybody who understands the language of presentation and who has reasonable internet access.

Is the Psychometrics MOOC content easy?

We do our best to explain the concepts in the easiest possible way. However, to get what we intend from this course you absolutely must be prepared to be committed to studying. We recommend setting aside an average of about 3-4 hours per week. To be fair and frank, you won’t learn about Psychometrics effectively by skimming over this course. You really need to invest time and effort. By doing so, you will be rewarded with a respectable level of knowledge in psychometric testing at work. You may view fuller details about the Psychometrics MOOC Course Methodology here.

Is the PsyAsia Psychometrics MOOC similar to University MOOCs?

For the most part – yes! We watch and participate in MOOCs offered by various providers and also keep up with the growing research in effective learning via MOOCs. PsyAsia International’s MOOC offers the best of this. Participants can expect excellent quality HD video lectures in psychometrics, followed by quizzes and the opportunity to discuss learning with fellow participants in a forum. We also arrange Live sessions with the course facilitator and interviews with psychometric test publishers.

Topics covered in our Psychometrics MOOC

The following is a list of topics covered. The course has been designed to follow a typical pattern for people using psychometric tests. This starts with an understanding of what you need to assess and then linking this to choosing the most reliable and valid test. From there you would administer the test, score it, interpret scores and feedback to various stakeholders. The term “Psychometric Test” refers to multiple types of psychometric tools including aptitude tests, ability tests and personality assessments.

  • Introduction to Psychometric Testing
  • Job Analysis and Competency Frameworks
  • Psychometric test reliability
  • Psychometric test error & confidence
  • Validity of Psychometric Tests
  • Choosing the Right Test – Understanding the Test Manual
  • Psychometric Test Administration
  • Scoring Psychometric Tests
  • Interpreting Psychometric Test Results
  • Psychometric Test Feedback to Candidates
  • Psychometric Test Feedback to Decision-makers
  • Ethical Issues in Psychometric Testing at Work

For more details about the Psychometrics MOOC syllabus, please see our Free Online Training in Psychometrics webpage.

Psychometrics MOOC Lead Facilitator

The MOOC is facilitated by Dr. Graham Tyler. Dr. Tyler is an award-winning Business Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist who has been teaching psychometrics courses since 1999. His PhD involved validating psychometric tests and personality structure across multiple continents. Prior to this, Dr. Tyler validated a well known personality assessment tool in the UK and won recognition from the British Psychological Society for this with their award for Scientific Contribution to Occupational Psychology. Dr. Tyler is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Hong Kong Psychological Society, a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and a full member of the American Psychological Association and Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology. He is a published author, journal and conference paper reviewer, psychometric test practitioner and university lecturer. He has accumulated many years of positive delegate reviews in his psychometric training courses which span UK to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. You may view some of these reviews here.

Can I get a certificate after completion?

PsyAsia International has been guided by the policies of University MOOC providers in this area. We are pleased to offer soft-copy (pdf) certificates of accomplishment to those who:

  • Send us their government issued ID within the first 2 weeks of the MOOC
  • Complete and pass all course quizzes by the deadline
  • Complete and pass all other course assignments by the deadline
  • Pay a US$49 administration fee within 2 weeks of the registration deadline
  • (Note – our Psychometrics MOOC is free – the above charge covers administration fees for those who wish to receive an optional certificate of accomplishment)

Certificates will not be issued for those who are unable to complete the above steps or for those who apply after the 2 week deadline. For those who do complete the above steps, certificates will be issued within 4 weeks of the end of the MOOC.

Am I qualified in Psychometric Testing after the MOOC?

Again, we have followed in the direction of University MOOCs here! For those who opt for our certificate (see above), it will be up to any test publisher you approach as to whether they wish to take this certificate as proof of competence in psychometric testing. We highly recommend that you consider registering for our advanced courses in psychometrics, which include our online training towards the BPS/EFPA Psychometric Test User Certificates. The advanced content and video-assessed practicals in this course will do a better job of demonstrating your competence in psychometric test use to test publishers.

When will the next Psychometrics MOOC start?

We started the World’s First Psychometrics MOOC on 7 October, 2015 (following our June and July pilot testing). We closed enrollments to the MOOC on 14 October, 2015. At the current time we have not made any decision about if and when we will run the next MOOC. However, to ensure that you are among the first to hear about any future runs of the MOOC, simply register below to stay in touch.  You may also follow the Psychometrics MOOC on these social platforms:

Free Online Psychometrics Course - MOOC
I was able to find the MOOC while doing an internet search for resources to support self directed professional development in the area of psychometrics. It was perfect timing for me to pursue this course during my sabbatical leave. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
Dr. Selina Tombs

Professor of Psychology, Sheridan Institute of Technology, Canada

The course has opened a new way of analyzing and selecting the tests for future use. It taught how even a small detail can be helpful for selection of the right test.
Mehulkumar Dave

Founder Psychologist, Mind Care And Management Associates PVT LTD Mumbai/Delhi India

This course was very good and enlightened, I have learned a lot.. I am better able to understand psychometric Testing. It was intense and in depth for a free course
Annette Clarke-James

HR Assistant, Trinidad and Tobago

I have done my share of MOOC courses but this was the most informative, challenging and rewarding MOOC so far. Thank you very much for putting so much effort into a FREE MOOC course. It is much appreciated.

South Africa

Dr. Tyler and the whole team has done a tremendous job by providing online MOOC in testing. I was always waiting for such an learning experience. I am thankful to him for providing amazing knowledge in the best and easy manner in limited time. Really appreciate the efforts he put in.

This is for sure the best MOOC course I have done. Your effort is much appreciated. I hope other universities will take note and use this MOOC as a benchmark to improve other mooc’s. Thank you very much. I had a wonderful 10 weeks. Please keep me posted if you intend developing another mooc. May 2016 be a prosperous and successful year for PsyAsia International.

I wish to thank Dr. Tyler and the MOOC Team for their time and effort that they have put into making this course a reality. It was a job well done.

Thanks to Dr. Tyler and the MOOC team for all of your hard work in creating this outstanding introductory course on Psychometrics. I learned so much from this experience and would highly recommend it to others!

Thanks a lot for Dr. Tyler and the MOOC Team to put so much effort on this course. It is very useful and interesting. You have all done a great work.

Psychometrics MOOC Free Psychometric Training Course


Kindly note that our MOOC is indeed Massively Open – it is open to anybody, anywhere with the exception of any “psychometrics competitor”* or person who simply wants to use our course for auditing/research/marketing unrelated to pure learning of psychometric testing at work. This is to protect our intellectual property and system resources and to promote interaction of legitimate participants in the course forums.

To register your interest in future runs of our Psychometrics MOOC, please sign-up for our newsletter.

As a result of COVID19, we don’t intend to run our Psychometrics MOOC for some considerable time. We are focusing on our commercial courses at the request of our valued clients.


A “psychometrics competitor” in this instance is defined as a person or business who distributes Psychometric Tests and/or offers or intends to offer Psychometric Test Training and/or Consulting. For example, Companies or Consultants who offer or wish to offer Psychometric Tests (whether they are PsyAsia supported tests or not) as PART of their consulting service are not classified as “psychometrics competitors” provided the individual is not a Psychometrician, whereas Psychometricians, those who distribute psychometric tests, or are a Psychometric Test Publisher, or a Psychometric Training/Consulting Provider are considered “psychometrics competitors”. By signing up for our MOOC, you confirm that you are not in any of the barred categories above and agree that you will pay a US$3000 fee in the case that this is not true.

This MOOC is intended ONLY for those who want to learn about Psychometric Testing at Work.

It is not intended for media/training/IT/marketing consultants simply to use for audit or research purposes. This uses system resources that are intended for legitimate Learners. If you wish to engage in any MOOC-related research, please call our Hong Kong office. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are in a barred category, kindly call us and tell us where you work and what you do and why you wish to enrol in the course and we will confirm your status.

Thank you for your kind understanding.