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PsyAsia International Newsletter Descriptions, Frequencies & Registration

Thank you for your interest in our newsletters. The following details the content and approximate frequency of any newsletter. Note that when managing your details on our website, we ask you to enter your location and other information because we try to send only emails which will be relevant to you. Register for each newsletter below by clicking the title.

PsyAsia News (click to register)
Members of this list will receive news updates from PsyAsia International. The nature of the updates is general and includes promotional offers and new course dates or new services. List subscribers are the first to hear about these offers and, at times, promotions are exclusive to subscribers. Frequency will vary between once per fortnight to once per month or less depending on how busy we are are what offers and news are available.

Online Training Courses (click to register)
Be notified whenever we add new online training courses in psychometric tests and/or Human Resource Management topics. You will also receive notifications when we add dates for Live Online Training. Expected frequency is likely to be less than once per quarter but may be more around periods where we are adding more content and less when we are busy on other things!

Online Psychometric Training: Supported Intake (click to register)
This is a special email list for those interested in knowing the dates for our next supported intake of our online psychometric assessment course leading to BPS Level 1 & 2 Psychometric Test User qualifications. We will only email subscribers when new dates are announced, and a maximum of once per fortnight in the run up to any course which still has available places. Since we run this course only once per year, there will be long periods of silence.

Psychometrics MOOC (click to register)
A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. Our Psychometrics MOOC offers free online training in Psychometric Testing to a worldwide audience. It does not lead to a formal qualification, although you may purchase a certificate of completion. Join this Newsletter to stay informed about the Psychometrics MOOC and to register your interest in the MOOC. Frequency of emails varies from nothing at all at times when we are not running the MOOC and increases to perhaps around once per fortnight when a new MOOC is coming up..

Update Preferences

Please click the link in the last email we sent to add or remove various newsletters or update your email.

Privacy and Preferences

PsyAsia International guarantees not to sell or pass your email address to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.

PsyAsia International newsletter frequencies vary depending on our courses, research and publications findings and current promotions. If at any time you feel one of these lists is sending emails to you too often, you may manage your preferences and remove yourself from that particular list whilst remaining subscribed to the other, less frequent communications.