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Culture & Engagement Survey

Organizational Culture & Engagement Survey

The culture, values and level of employee engagement within an organization are widely acknowledged as having key influences on its performance and effectiveness. These influences can be both positive and negative, and may impact on both harder quantitative aspects of organizational performance (e.g. productivity, profitability) and softer, qualitative aspects (e.g. staff morale, motivation and team work). It has also been suggested that the most effective business leaders are those who pay attention not only to what a company does in terms of its operations, but also to how it does it. Additionally, the affect an organization’s culture, values, and engagement often extends beyond those who work directly for it – for example, it can also effect customers, suppliers and prospective recruits.

Culture and Engagement Survey Online - Psychometric Test System

Culture, Values and Engagement are Crucial

An organization’s culture, values, and engagement will therefore have a crucial impact on the way it operates. It influences what behaviors are rewarded, how people work together and how decisions are made. Managers need to have access to accurate, reliable and comprehensive information about their organization’s perceived culture and values and to act promptly yet sensitively to deal with the implications that follow. This is why we have a tool for assessing Organizational Culture and Engagement – the Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey.

Benefits of our Organizational Culture & Engagement Survey

  • Provides a structured framework for understanding, interpreting and managing corporate culture, values and engagement.
  • Establishes a platform for decision making and future action planning.
  • Completely customisable, at no extra cost.
  • Allows you to benchmark your results against other organizations of your size, geographic region and business sector.

Applications of our Online Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey

  • Guiding the development and/or implementation of corporate strategy and change.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of specific strategic initiatives.
  • Highlighting differences (and potential conflicts) between different groups of staff (e.g. managers and direct reports, different functions, geographically dispersed units).
  • Assessing the potential and actual impact of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Clarifying the context for personnel decision making and action planning (e.g. increasing attraction, clarifying selection, enhancing training, reducing staff turnover, managing redundancy).

The Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey Process

Organizational Culture & Engagement Survey

Organizational Culture and Engagment Survey Reports

Beautiful-looking, detailed and powerful reports are produced as a result of the Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey as you can see from the thumbnails opposite. To see more detail, please download a sample Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey Report.

The Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey is managed by The Psychometric Portal®. This Online Psychometric Testing System comes with Personality and Aptitude Tests as well as a Job Analysis Module and a 360° Performance Appraisal tool.

Sample Reports, Training Requirements & Next Steps

All ethical and responsible professionals involved in HR may use the Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey.

If you prefer, our psychologists can handle the entire Organizational Culture and Engagement Survey process for you. You then simply send us the full names and email addresses of those to be assessed and we will invite them via our system. Once they have completed the assessments, we will send you the reports and arrange a telephone or skype session to take you through the reports to ensure understanding and effective use.