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Psychometric Test Evaluation by Expert Business Psychologists

Have our highly trained and experienced psychometrics experts carry out an objective psychometric test evaluation for any test you are considering for use in organisational decision-making.

Psychometric Test Evaluation

One of PsyAsia International’s principal service offerings is reliable and valid psychometric assessments that have been developed by professional psychologists over many years. We also teach high-level, internationally recognized Psychometrics Courses. Additionally, our work and research in Asia has been published in peer-reviewed academic and practitioner journals. This places us in a good position to offer expert consultancy and evaluation in psychometrics.

Asia in particular has become a hotbed for poorly designed psychometric tests offered by non-psychologist distributors who know little or nothing about psychometrics. Save your time and your reputation (and that of your organization) by having PsyAsia International carry out a Psychometric Test Evaluation before you invest in the test! Ensure you are using psychometric tests which truly predict the competencies you need in a reliable manner.


Psychometric Test Evaluation by Registered Psychologists

We can assist organizations in the design, testing, implementation and evaluation of psychometric tests and other forms of quantitative analysis. Be cautious of other organisations (especially in Asia) offering “consultancy in Psychometric tests”. Often this means they will give you a few pointers on choosing the right test. Some of them believe they know all about testing (and even attempt to incompetently design their own psychometric tests!) having been on a short course in psychometric assessment. However, our advice is only to trust the experts such as ourselves who have years of training and experience in this area as well as full registration and continuous monitoring with and by established psychological boards.


Our Psychometric Test Evaluation Consultancy Service

You provide us with all supporting documentation for the psychometric test you need us to evaluate – this should include copies of, or online access to the test questions, technical manual, marketing material, pricing and any published or unpublished validation studies as well as details of the competencies you wish to assess.

PsyAsia International’s Psychologists will then evaluate the psychometric test. Our evaluation will be detailed in a written report that is in non-technical language and we will also arrange a presentation of the findings (to undertake face-to-face or online). The psychometric test evaluation will cover evaluation of:

  • The rationale behind the test
  • The theory the test is based on
  • The administration of the test (ease and possible issues)
  • The reliability of the test (including test-retest and internal consistency)
  • The validity of the test (including face, construct and criterion-related validity)
  • The extent to which the reliability and validity studies can be extrapolated to your reason for using the test
  • Whether the test is likely to be a useful predictor of your competencies and if so, to what extent
  • The likely benefit from using the test, given its cost
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Our Psychometric Test Evaluation Consultancy is available in both full-service traditional and, discounted, online modes of consultation. Please view details of these options on our main Human Resource Consultancy page.

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