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Team-building Workshop

Have your team spend a day with our Registered Psychologist, in our highly respected Team-building Workshop, and explore in a scientific, evidence-based approach, how to capitalise on each person's strengths and support in their development, on the basis of job requirements and team/individual personality characteristics.

Team-building Workshop Asia from Hong Kong Based Psychologists

Spend a day with PsyAsia International’s experienced Psychologists on our Team-building Workshop. Benefit from an enhanced understanding of self and organisation that results in higher performing teams, greater motivation and clear developmental agendas, based on organisational need, goals and strategy aligned to where each team member is right now.

Workshop Length & Language

Workshop Length
  • 1 day; in-house only
Workshop Language
  • English

Team-building Workshop Outline

Prior to the workshop, participants will be asked to complete 2 online psychometric assessments. The results will be used confidentially during the day to add a personal element to the discussions and solutions. PsyAsia International uses only registered Business Psychologists as facilitators. Our psychologists are fully accredited in multiple personality tools and as psychologists have the strongest background in people and personality at work in the market!

• Introducing each other
• Objectives for the workshop
• How to learn from such events and take back to the job

Learning about the work each person does
• Finding out what each person understands the other team members do
• What are the personality, behavioral and competency requirements to do such work
• What obstacles may hinder effective execution of the work? Potentially? In actuality?
• Discovering and admiring various traits in others

• Defining teams
• Why teams?
• Stages of teams and team-building
• Interpersonal issues at each stage
• Barriers to effective team-building
• Personal attributes needed for operating in teams

Personality at work
• Exploring different personality traits and styles
• How personality interacts within the team
• Team-roles
• Compare work, conflict and team-types based on a personality questionnaire report
• Behavior-roles of team members
• Discussion of strengths
• Discussion of areas for development

Motivation within the team
• What motivates people?
• What demotivates people?
• Model of task, individual and team performance

Action plan & summary
• What have we learned today
• How to proceed
• Developing an action plan
• Coaching each other
• Arranging the next meeting



The Team-building Workshop evolves during the day. The above is a guide as to topics that we set out to cover. However, this is not a training course with a set agenda.  Each team varies. Our skilled psychologist facilitator constantly evaluates the discussions and monitors the team members for subtle cues as to areas where more in-depth exploration, exercises and discussion will be welcomed and, in turn, may drop other parts of the above agenda. We always keep the aims and objectives of the day in mind but are flexible as to how they are achieved.

Team-building Workshop Objectives

Our one-day team-building workshop uses psychologist-facilitators and scientific assessment of personality to explore processes within any organizational team. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a greater appreciation of each other, their strengths and development needs, the organization’s/team’s strategy over the next few years and how to assist in the goal of achieveing that strategy under maximum performance conditions. Attendees will also benefit from a greater understanding of themselves by the end of the workshop.

The workshop is highly interactive. The facilitator will present various concepts or discussion areas in a simple to understand manner and then provide an opportunity for the group to discuss and engage in the topic. For the workshop to be successful, each participant must come ready to fully engage and share!

Who is the Team-building Workshop for?

PsyAsia International’s team-building workshop is for teams who wish to enhance their relationships and understanding of each other and thereby, maximise their work performance.

Over many years we have been privileged to be invited to many organizations across Asia and beyond to deliver this workshop. Those asking for our Team-building Workshop may invite us for any of the following reasons:


  •  The team is newly formed and the workshop serves as a kick-start in getting to know each other.
  •  The team is long established and they wish to take time to take stock of where they are and where their strengths and development needs are.
  •  The team has experienced some conflict for one reason or another and wants to spend time repairing damage or enhancing current working relationships.
  •  As part of a regular programme of development and discovery in the organisation, the team chooses a team-building workshop.
  •  Having attended a team-building workshop some time ago, the team invites us back to reassess where they are now and what their current needs may be going forward.

Psychologist Facilitator

PsyAsia International will always use Registered (Business) Psychologists who are experts in their field and who possess a minimum of a Masters degree in the specialty of I-O Psychology. Registered Psychologists are required to keep up-to-date in their field and must undertake extensive professional development every year. More often than not, our Team-building Workshop is facilitated by Psychologists with a Doctoral Degree in Psychology. Feel free to ask us for the profile of the psychologist who will be facilitating your specific event.

Previous Team-building Workshop Participant's Feedback

Team-building Workshop Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam
An interesting exercise, the process around which I will endeavour to learn more about.
Dr. Matthew Sukumaran
Executive Director, Operations & Planning
RMIT University Vietnam

Thought Provoking.
Julian Teicher
Head of Centre of Commerce & Management
RMIT University Vietnam

Insightful, challenging, well managed and delivered
RMIT University Vietnam

Stimulating as a team building exercise for senior managers.
RMIT University Vietnam

Useful as a “kick off meeting” for a relatively newly formed management group.
RMIT University Vietnam

Factsheets, Dates, Methods & Course Registration


  • Please contact us as fees vary depending on final requirements.



  • Workshops at Client’s Venue
    – per facilitator availability

Workshop Methodology

  • Psychometric Personality Assessment.
  • Psychometric 360 Degree Appraisal.
  • Detailed Personality Assessment Reports.
  • Detailed 360 Appraisal Reports.
  • Detailed Development Reports.
  • Feedback to the Team by Psychologist Facilitator.
  • Exploration of current role, competencies, personality-fit, culture fit, team role, strengths and potential development needs by way of small and entire group discussions, presentations and case study exercises.
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