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Identity Personality Assessment Course

Online or in-person Personality Assessment Course leading to accreditation in the Identity Self-perception Questionnaire.

Identity Personality Assessment Course

Personality Tests are useful tools in today’s workplace. Not only do they provide a scientific basis for selection and development of employees, they also save incredible time and cost given their ability to assess candidates rapidly and objectively. However, these benefits disappear if the tools are not used properly. It’s  important for all users of a personality test to understand the basic principles of psychometric assessment generally, in addition to how the test works, how to interpret it, report and make decisions based upon the test. This is where our Identity® Personality Assessment Courses come in.

In order to ensure that all independent users of the Identity® Personality Assessment are competent to use it, PsyAsia International requires users to demonstrate their competence by way of one of the routes below.

Routes to Identity Personality Assessment Training

2-Day Identity® Personality Assessment Course

This course is for those with no formal qualification in psychometric personality assessments who wish to use the Identity® Online Personality Assessment. That said, as an alternative, it would be a wise investment to consider attending our Psychometric Assessment at Work course and gain an internationally recognized qualification from the British Psychological Society that qualifies you in all aptitude tests, online and hard-copy versions of the Identity® Personality Assessment and a number of other personality tools.

Syllabus details for this course can be found below…

Join our Online Identity® User Course

PsyAsia International’s Online Identity® User Course enables you to use Identity® competently by dedicating approximately a weekend of your time (through 5.5 hours of video training, 9 quizzes and 1 final exam). The course is cost efficient and you are able to purchase Identity® credits within one business day of passing the final exam.

Read the Identity® Test Manual

If you already hold a qualification in a substantive personality assessment and/or BPS Level 2: Personality Test User Certificate, you are already qualified to use Identity®. Identity® was designed to be an easy tool to convert to following your training. If you would like to learn more about Identity® from an accredited Psychologist facilitator, feel free to register for the Identity® training outlined below. However, if you agree to purchase the Identity® manual and read it thoroughly, alongside the user and interpretation guides, you may order Identity® as soon as you are ready!

Attend our Psychometric Assessment at Work Course

PsyAsia International’s Psychometric Assessment at Work Course leads to a qualification from the British Psychological Society. PsyAsia International was the first and, at the time of writing, is the only organization in Asia offering this course publicly on a regular basis – our facilitator is a resident of Asia! Those who successfully complete this course get a firm grounding in the psychometric assessment of personality and aptitude and will automatically be accredited in Identity®.

Identity® Personality Assessment Course

Course Length & Language

Course Length
  • 2 days (+ pre-course work)
Course Language
  • English

Identity® Personality Assessment Course Objectives

The overall objective for the Identity® Personality Assessment Course is to provide delegates with competence in using the Identity® Self-perception Questionnaire and its various report options in a number of workplace scenarios, such as recruitment and selection, development, coaching and team-building.

Identity® Personality Assessment Course Syllabus

Pre-Course Work (approx 5 hours)

  • Online presentations about personality theory.
  • Online presentations about Identity® interpretation.
  • Completion of participant’s own Identity® Questionnaire (Online).
  • Quizzes.

Course Days

  • Introduction to personality assessment and theory.
  • Background and psychometrics of Identity®.
  • Overview of Identity®.
  • Development of the Identity® Questionnaire.
  • Applications of Identity®.
  • Reliability and validity of identity®.
  • Administering Identity® Online.
  • Scoring and Profiling Identity®.
  • Interpreting Identity®.
  • Writing Identity® Reports.
  • Using the online administration and reporting system.
  • Giving feedback
    • Preparing for feedback.
    • Running the feedback session.
    • Dealing with difficult situations.
    • Using the derived scales and psychological models.
  • Ethics and Limitations.
  • Terms, Conditions and Policies.

Participant Profile

The Identity® Personality Assessment Course is for human resource professionals, line managers, supervisors, consultants, psychologists, training managers, counsellors and anybody who needs to use the Identity® Personality Assessment to assess people at work or those about to embark into the working world. The workshop is structured in an easy to understand and highly interactive format making it accessible to the majority of individuals working in this field.

Psychologist Facilitator

The Identity® Personality Assessment Course is always facilitated by registered organizational psychologists. We don’t believe in having non-psychologists facilitate training for psychological assessments. With PsyAsia International, training in psychometric tests is only ever carried out by experts in the field.

Identity® Personality Assessment Course Certification

Upon successful completion of the Identity® Personality Assessment Course, delegates will receive a certificate of accreditation in the Identity® Self-perception Questionnaire and they will be fully accredited to use this personality assessment independently.

Professional, Online Video Training for Identity® Personality Assessment Course Delegates

As part of the coursework, delegates will access our innovative online learning center in order to watch professionally produced online psychometric training videos related to Identity®.

Identity Personality Assessment Course Singapore Hong Kong Malaysia

Why Identity® Personality Assessment?

There’s a complete range of personality tests on the market that purport to assess personality. Some of them use methods that should not be used in selection decisions. Other tests lack technical rigor and have low reliability and validity. The Identity® Self-perception Personality Questionnaire is a well developed tool. It was created by Chartered Psychologists and the test is registered with the British Psychological Society’s Psychological Testing Centre. The Online Psychometric System that powers Identity® is easy to use and very economically priced. For more reasons to use Identity®, please view the Identity® Personality Assessment page.

What’s included in Identity Personality Assessment Course fee?

We will send you a link so that you can log in to our Online Learning Centre and complete some training videos on Identity® and personality assessment in general. We will send you a link to complete the Identity® Questionnaire online before the course day and provide you with soft copies of 5 of your own Identity® reports. The fee includes full professional training by a registered psychologist and accredited facilitator. After the course, we will set you up with a free Identity Testing System with 5 complimentary credits (limit of one system per organisation).

Dates, Teaching Methods & Course Registration

Fees & Registration


  • Courses at Client’s Venue
  • Public Courses in Singapore
  • Public Courses in Hong Kong
  • Online (since 2008)


Start now ONLINE
(Professionally recorded, developed & refined since 2008)

  • Mainly experiential learning.
  • Presentations by experienced psychologist.
  • Practical exercises with feedback.
  • Practical assessments with feedback.
  • Online access to narrated course presentation videos.
  • Quizzes.
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