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We believe in prompt service. If we're not immediately available on Live Chat, we always reply to messages within one business day.

Kindly note that we do not provide chat, email or telephone support for any of our free products and courses, including our Psychometrics MOOC.

Test Candidates

Test Candidates & 360 Appraisal Candidates must email our Test Candidate Department in the first instance. Please use the email address sent to you with your assessment invitation.

Kindly view our notes here first.

Please do not call us or use live chat until we have contacted you or if it has been more than 3 business hours since you sent your email.

PsyAsia International Hong Kong Psychometric Testing and Training


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Why we charge for calls/online meetings

Our website has been developed over more than 20 years and continues to be upgraded with relevant up-to-date details. Most of the questions our clients ask are answered on any product or service webpage, or in our knowledgebase. Furthermore, we are always happy to promptly respond to basic specific questions you may have about a product or service via our Chat box and subsequently, via email.

However, there are times when a potential client needs more detailed and complex information, specifically and competently applied with insight and sensitivity to that organisation’s context, aims, objectives and cultural background. Furthermore, the nature of our business means that this information is often technical. As a result, we route requests for calls/online meetings to our Psychologists. We charge a very small fee for this, partly to avoid no-shows, and also to enable us to give something to the Psychologist for their time if the work they discuss with you does not go ahead!

However, if it does and we invoice you US$399 or more within ONE month of the call/meeting, we apply the call/meeting fee as a credit to your invoice, meaning you paid nothing for it!

We believe that is fair and hope you think so too.

Thank you.