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Psychometrics MOOC: Free Online Training in Psychometric Testing

In Module 6 of our 10-week, Free Online Psychometric Testing Course, we look at Psychometric Test Administration. It is critical that we choose the right test for assessing what we want to assess and not just rely on recommendations of tests from colleagues. However, once we have chosen a psychometric test in a scientific manner, we need to ensure that we administer that test properly in order to retain or enhance its validity.  That’s what this Module of our online distance learning course in Psychometric Testing for the Workplace is all about. This Module will be released on 11 November, 2015 to those registered for our Free Psychometrics MOOC. Below is a longer outline of what is to be covered.

Summary of Module 6: Psychometric Test Administration

By Module 6, we’ve reviewed everything that we need to do in order to arrive at choosing the most suitable test for our purpose – and hopefully we also realize that we shouldn’t stick to that one test. As competencies change and needs change, we may need to move from one test to another and back again.

With that clarified, we assume, in our timeline of events, that we have decided which test to use and so now we need to ensure that we do all the right things with that test. Having reviewed the various properties of the test such as reliability and validity, we must be aware that we can alter the properties we researched in the manual. By not administering the test properly and as per the publisher’s instructions, we can negatively impact the reliability and the validity of what was otherwise good test.

Needless to say then, this Module will focus on competent administration of psychometric tests and you will see it is maybe not a straightforward as you may at first think! During this Module, a Live Session will be arranged with our Psychologist-facilitator, Dr. Graham Tyler, to discuss possible candidate questions and behaviors and how to deal with them.

Learning Outcomes for Module 6

– Know how to prepare for a supervised test administration session.

– Know how to assist a remote candidate in making his/her session as standardized as possible.

– Know what points need to be covered in a test invitation to a candidate.

– Know how to run a professional, supervised session from beginning to end.

– Know the different points that need to be covered when administering personality assessments as opposed to ability/aptitude tests.

– Know how to deal with candidate questions and difficult situations.

Next Module in our Psychometrics MOOC

In our next post, we will cover Module 7: Scoring Psychometric Tests

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