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November 5, 2021
Halloween is here and the other holidays are just around the corner, so we need to discuss sugar. I share about a conversation I had with Dr. Dale Bredesen about the importance of eating right when trying to prevent cognitive impairment. It has been a long time where food and wellness was not included in the treatment plan for patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but it’s such a crucial part of preventing and slowing the progression of cognitive decline.  Nikki Gould, a registered dietician at Kemper Cognitive Wellness is also joining us today to talk about what sugar can do to your brain and your overall health and how we can navigate the holidays with this information in mind. 6:39 – Is there a healthy amount of sugar?  11:05 – How sugar is hidden in the American diet  15:38 – Taking the first steps towards sustainable change  20:30 – Keeping sugar intake at a reasonable level during the holidays  25:04 – Supporting family members during the holidays if they are struggling with their health

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Author: Dr. Nate Bergman DO