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Those clients who have followed PsyAsia International since 2002 will be aware that we can boast a lot of initiatives that we undertook before anybody else, truly making us a leader in psychometric test training, not just in Asia, but globally.

PsyAsia International was THE company to bring regular public training for the British Psychological Society qualifications in Psychometric Testing at Work to Singapore and Hong Kong. In 2014, we started to offer ONLINE training for this qualification to a Worldwide audience and we went on to offer the entire portfolio of online training videos to all delegates on our Psychometric Training Courses across Asia. No other provider of this course worldwide offers the entire course online in professionally recorded video to face-to-face course delegates.

In 2015, PsyAsia International released the World’s first MOOC in Psychometric Assessment at Work, standing with top Universities who offer quality online education to a mass audience.

Well, now it’s 2016 and it’s time for something new again!  We are excited to announce that our Online Psychometric Assessment at Work Course which leads to the BPS Level 1 & 2 RQTU Ability & Personality Test User Qualifications and the EFPA Euro Test User Level 2 Certificate has been revamped and now offers a special “intake supported” mode of learning.

Essentially, this means that students in this mode of learning will join the course at selected intake times throughout the year. We anticipate probably having 2-3 intakes per year. For enrolled students, new online content will be released each week and students will view the professionally-produced online training videos and virtual whiteboard presentations before participating in interactive online discussion forums with other students and completing end of module quizzes.

Whilst the training videos have been pre-recorded, the award-winning course tutor, Dr. Graham Tyler, will also produce weekly “Real-time” Videos to address actual questions and comments from the discussion forums, and live webinars will be arranged to facilitate further interactive discussion. This new option means that those who cannot attend face-to-face training can undertake high quality online psychometrics training from the comfort of their home or office and still feel part of an intake of students and receive support from those students and the facilitator. This new version of our course provides training that is as near to face-to-face training as we can get online right now!

Course Dates

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After the course ends, students will have one further month to complete their portfolio of work which needs to be submitted to us in hard copy for assessment. In terms of workload, things start off light and gradually get heavier. On average, please plan for around 3-4 hours of work per week, but note that whilst some weeks will require less than this, other weeks may require more. Also keep in mind that everybody learns differently and so some may find these estimates more than they really need, whilst others may end up requiring substantially more time to fully understand the material.

Course Fees

We have negotiated different fees with different organizations based on how many students they have agreed to send us. We recommend that you contact us first and tell us where you work in order to get the best deal. Please use your work email address where possible in order to validate. Alternatively, you may simply go ahead and register with our reasonable individual/regular fees.

Introductory Video

Course Factsheets & Webpage