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April 6, 2021
Based on the perspective of emotions, this study examines the moderating role of psychosocial mentoring and emotional intelligence (EI) on the impact of task/relationship conflict on outcomes. We collect data of 206 employees from diverse industries in Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China. Results show that psychosocial mentoring reduces the negative influence of task/relationship conflict to OCB, but this moderating effect is not significant for turnover intentions. EI has no moderating effect on the task/relationship conflict‐OCB relationships. However, EI can reduce the negative influence of relationship conflict on employees’ turnover intentions. This EI moderating effect is not significant for the influence of task conflict on turnover intentions. Implications for mentoring and EI are discussed.
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Author: Millissa F Y Cheung,
Chi‐Sum Wong,
Warren C K Chiu