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October 1, 2021
Theory of shared leadership has suggested that this informal source of team leadership is highly dynamic and changes over time. We draw on this assumption and provide new insights about the nature of short-term changes in shared leadership. Additionally, we advance the nomological network of shared leadership by examining the within-team relations of day-level shared leadership with cohesion, team work engagement, and goal attainment. To study these dynamics and short-term relationships, we conducted a daily-diary study. We collected daily measures from 53 teams with 187 team members resulting in 725 person-days and 207 team-days. Bayesian multilevel modelling supported our hypotheses as daily shared leadership was linked to daily cohesion, team work engagement, and goal attainment. The findings contribute to the understanding of within-team associations of shared leadership and add to the understanding about the dynamic nature of this team state. Limitations and directions for further research are then discussed.
Practitioner points

Team’s daily shared leadership behaviour is related to day-level team work engagement.

Teams can improve their day-level collaboration by engaging in shared leadership.

Daily shared leadership facilitates daily progress in attaining team goals.

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Author: Kai N. Klasmeier,
Jens Rowold