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February 1, 2022
With an archival data set from an Australian-based asynchronous video interview (AVI) vendor, we examined how employers implemented AVI features as a step toward understanding how AVIs can be more optimally designed. The multilevel data contained information about 2,550,105 responses from 627,999 candidates to 52,623 questions, nested within 12,105 interview templates. We found that AVIs were often used for small applicant pools (Mdn = 10 candidates per AVI) and that a majority of the AVIs comprised four to five questions, with candidates typically given 30 seconds to prepare a response, and 2 minutes to record it. Only rarely were candidates permitted to preview questions or re-record responses. Finally, we noted that the settings typically applied were highly consistent with platform’s default settings.
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Author: Patrick D. Dunlop,
Djurre Holtrop,
Serena Wee