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May 28, 2021
This study investigated whether faking behavior on a personality inventory can be predicted by two indicators of the ability to fake (cognitive ability and the ability to identify criteria; ATIC) and two indicators of the motivation to fake (perceived faking norms and honesty–humility). Firefighter applicants first completed a personality inventory under high-stakes conditions and, three months later, under low-stakes conditions (n = 128). Analyses revealed very little faking behavior on average. Cognitive ability and ATIC were both negatively related to personality score elevation, but only cognitive ability exhibited a statistically significant association. Neither perceived faking norms nor honesty–humility were significantly related to personality score elevation and only perceived competition was positively related to overclaiming (a proxy of faking).
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Author: Djurre Holtrop,
Janneke K. Oostrom,
Patrick D. Dunlop,
Cecilia Runneboom