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Adverse Weather arrangements for PsyAsia public training courses

We hope that your course will not be affected by adverse weather.  However, here are our arrangements should we encounter heavy rain (black) or a typhoon (T8) in Hong Kong:

Postponements will only be made to the start of the training day where either a T8 or black rainstorm signal has been hoisted at  Should this happen, we will start training within 2 hours after the signal has been lowered.  If training time of 2-3 hours is lost, training will continue into the early evening to make up. If, in the worst case scenario, we lose a full day of training, we will reschedule this day as soon as possible.

If either of the above signals are hoisted once training has commenced for the day, we will act according to the advice of the local authorities. If we are told to remain inside, we will continue with the course. If the advice is to go home, we will do so and make up the training time as soon as we can.

If you are registered for a PsyAsia course and there is the possibility of adverse weather based on reports from the HKO, please ensure that we have your mobile number so that we can contact you and advise of updates to course arrangements.