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Performance Reviews are not just about meeting goals

There is much emphasis placed on organizations being able to adequately assess the individual performance of employees so as to ensure that organizational goals have been achieved. This has been commonly done through periodic reviews conducted with employees to assess whether they have met their goals for that period. There is more to performance reviews than to just assess whether their goals have been met; there is additional potential for organizations to assess how the goals were met, what were the barriers to achieving those goals, as well as whether improvements could be made.

Performance reviews also provide the opportunity for management to assess the process that was undertaken by the employees to see whether the course of action taken to achieve the goal was effective. This can be very enlightening as management gets a clearer perspective regarding the operational concerns involved while obtaining feedback from employees regarding any potential barriers that are present or even suggestions about how things can be improved.

For the employees, this is an additional forum where they are able to provide relevant input for the organization and it can be motivating when they see that management is interested in what they have to say as well as implementing some of the suggestions that they have provided. This ensures greater buy-in and commitment among employees as they are able to contribute to the process.