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Do PsyAsia Affiliates receive commission on all sales?

We offer commission on all sales and subscriptions which go via our tracking links and are paid for via our automated billing system. The way to ensure this happens is to send referrals via the links in your Affiliate Dashboard. Commission is only payable on items that can be tracked and paid for within our automated system. Any product or service which links to a payment checkout at is applicable.

You will receive recurring commission on all qualifying sales. So for any qualifying purchase noted above, you will not only be paid when your client first purchases, but you will receive commission for all future purchases as long as you remain an Affiliate. To remain an Affiliate, you must continue to abide by our Terms and Conditions and must refer at least one confirmed NEW CLIENT sale per year.

Commission is not payable on SETUP FEES. This is because such fees are not profiable for us, they are simply added to pay, at cost, for services that we will pay for.

Commission is not payable on manually purchased Training or Consulting as there is no way to track the origin.

Commission is not payable on your own purchases for yourself or your Business. Using your links for such purposes is a violation of our Terms and Conditions.